Random Night Out With Rob

A random evening out with Rob in Reading, Monday 23rd September 2002. A "quiet little drink" which turned into a bit of a pub crawl, ending at The Iguana.

18:11:40 Despite being a fair way from the epicentre, I'd actually felt this the previous evening. However, I'd assumed it was a problem with my flat's somewhat dodgy plumbing, so was fairly amazed the next day to discover I'd actually experienced my very first noticeable earthquake!

18:11:53 Good grief look at the surprise on that man's face!

18:38:26 This is Rob pretended to look interested in a copy of Blah Blah, in the Turk's Head.

18:41:50 Outside the Turk's Head, on London Road, Rob spotted a beaten up old camper van he wanted to get a picture of. Sadly it was mostly obscured in this picture by the utterly uninteresting white car.

18:43:04 Rob said this would look bizarre. I guess it did a bit.

18:44:28 On London Street, there's an odd gap where someone has nicked one of the houses. This is Rob trying to simulate how the stunned home owner might react on realising this fact. Nice sunset in the background.

18:46:38 WHAT IS THE POINT IN THIS? I mean, really...?

19:04:12 This would be in the Lion, or is it the Red Lion? I can't remember. For some reason this has a reputation as being a bit rough. It wasn't at all.

19:04:24 Rob superbly ordered a gin and tonic in there. NICE!

19:31:55 This is outside the Hook and Tackle, pub number three. We forgot to take a picture inside. This appears to be a dog, in fact.

19:32:11 I must have been trying to take a picture in a hurry, and made a total mess of it. Oh well!

19:32:16 Me and Rob being daft outside the Hook and Tackle. Nice!

19:52:26 A bit of carpet and some of my leg, for no good reason, in The Sun, which I believe is one of my manager at work's favourite pubs in Reading.

19:52:44 Rob looking inexplicably mystified in front of a juke box type device in The Sun.

20:35:26 This here would be Burger King, shortly after making a very fumbled attempt at trying to speak to the girl behind the counter in Mandarin...

20:35:38 Me, for no good reason closing my eyes whilst sipping the extremely poor quality cola one finds in burger joints. I didn't enjoy the burger either.

20:49:58 SUPERB Mr. Lang! This is clearly in Lloyds bank. Or Lloyds TSB as it is now some what retardedly known.

20:50:11 Me looking rediculous just after drawing out some cash.

20:50:27 Yes Rob, it's a security camera.

20:50:32 Apparently if we shell out ten quid, we can get hold of the footage this camera took of us.

20:50:47 Perhaps if Lloyds TSB send us a tenner we'll be compelled to send them these photos?

21:05:21 Clearly if any evening out in Reading has any minute hope of being any good, some time must be spent in the Iguana. Here's Rob trying to fathom exactly why it is the only decent bar in an otherwise dreary town.

21:05:39 Me looking uncharacteristically American. Perhaps. I dislike this picture a lot less than I originally anticipated.

21:29:57 Taken using the self timer. This is meant to be me and Rob having a really genuine casual conversation or something.

21:33:52 Must be my round then. I appear also to be coughing. No good reason for that really.

21:41:03 Rob messing about with his phone. STOP IT!

21:41:43 My own eponymous cocktail. A Bitter Johnny. Invented by myself and an ex barman at the Iguana. Cranberry Juice, grapefruit juice, gin, and lots of Angostura. Delicious.

21:54:56 Rob looking inexplicably apalled by something or other unbeknown to me.

22:24:24 Rob and the charming girl that works in the Iguana, whose name may be Ella, or I may have terribly misheard.

23:27:22 Rob outside the Iguana, looking a tad odd.

23:27:33 Me outside the Iguana, looking fairly rediculous (again).