RAF Club Ladies' Night

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Having up to this point been a predominantly male preserve, Rob decided to buck the trend on the evening of Wednesday 11th June 2003 and have a night at the RAF club with ladies present. It might for a jolly pleasant evening.

18:36:30 A lovely, sharp, vibrant picture of Messrs Gasson and Lang, outside the pub in Paddington where we all met up before moving on to the club.

19:40:24 After arriving at the club, before dinner, we popped downstairs to the Running Horse bar where I was, in keeping with tradition, thwarted in attempting to tell a very bad joke by constant interruption. Tom and Sarah here looking fittingly unimpressed.

19:40:31 Chie and Junchan, our Japanese companions, were subject to the usual risk of being ghetto-ised, over here in the corner.

19:40:38 Clealry I couldn't keep a steady hand at this point.

19:40:49 Mark, amidst silently plotting his evil plan for world domination.

22:17:49 After dinner we retired, as is the norm, to the Cowdray lounge. Here's Rob and Tom, who look like they ought to be having a political conversation given their poses, but in reality probably aren't.

22:17:56 Sarah seems to be very still here, but Tom must be quite a fidgety person, as he's almost always blurred to some extent.

22:18:06 The end result here has a pleasing "talk to my lawayer" sort of feel about it.

22:18:15 Oddly it looks much gloomier over in the Japanese corner. I'm sure this is just the camera being a bit odd though.

22:18:44 This is supposed to be me rubbing my legs. Clearly though the excitement was too much for Rob, and he couldn't keep his hands steady.

22:19:50 I'm rather fond of this picture, on the other hand. I like the sense of depth, and the fact that I'm unambiguously identifying where my forehead is for everyone else's benefit.

22:21:16 It seemed inevitable, given the presence of me, Rob, a camera, and a plural quantity of Japanese young ladies that pictures like this would have to happen at some stage in the proceedings.

22:21:29 This one came out particularly nicely - no blurring at all.

22:22:12 I look slightly disappointingly boyish here.

22:23:22 A nice wide shot, giving a good idea of how jolly pleasant the Cowdray lounge is.

22:23:28 Another general shot...

22:23:34 Lovely chandeliers.

22:25:29 Note the celebratory cigar in Mark's hands here.

22:26:02 Mark engages in some high speed drinking.

22:26:27 Junchan and Chie chatting about nothing in particular.

22:28:57 Mr. Rob, "ladies man" Lang.

23:28:54 Just before we left the club. The Gents toilets, now palatial after their recent refurbishment. Mark is giving the shoe cleaner a go.

23:48:01 I'm rather pleased with this picture on the tube - the foreground very sharp but the background blurry.

00:11:56 On the train. A very long and boring journey!

00:12:06 Rob soon drifted off after this picture...

00:12:18 Nothing much to say really.

00:29:41 I can't imagine we'd ever take advantage of the fact that Rob is sleeping to make fun of him. No, not us.