Another trip Simon made toLondon
Simon, Pops, Susanna and Stan (sorry, Darren) all came to London for the day on Saturday 9th June 2001 to see Luke Morley ('him who used to be in Thunder or so I'm told) play in the evening. I didn't go to the gig, but I was there in the daytime whilst we pissed about at random doing nothing in particular in London.

12:44:00. Darren does John the great service of removing a rather irritating label from his T-shirt, at Waterloo station.

12:44:56. Darren with aforementioned label.

13:08:08. Outside Chiquito's on Leicester Square waiting for Darren's mate Keith.

15:01:02. Towards the end of a jolly nice meal - from left to right - Darren, Pops, John (me), Simon and Susanna.

15:01:55. Additional bloke in the middle here is 'our Keith.

15:46:26. In the rough vicinity of Trafalgar Square...

15:48:14. Look, there's horses and everything.

15:58:57. Simon and Darren wait outside a toilet. Nice.

16:04:16. Please do not feed the pelicans. OK?

16:04:44. Simon and Susanna gayly enjoying St. James's Park.

16:05:11. Consider the Smew.

16:12:11. In that bit just off Trafalgar Square, whatever its called. Hmmm a bit of a lighting issue though.

16:12:53. The official inspection or something.

16:13:12. Thats a bit better lit. Nice.

16:13:32. Nice trousers sir. Why thank you sir!

16:14:28. Simon looking very grave indeed.

16:15:14. Simon indicates poo.

16:17:41. They're all off down the pub now...

16:42:50. ...and so were we!

18:14:49. Pops performs the much loved "oh look, a vegetarian lasagne" shot.

18:17:34. This is almost certainly a teapot.

18:41:26. This could be the menu.

18:48:26. Simon. Again.