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A short weekend trip to Paris, as a kind of birthday treat for Chie, on Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of May 2001.

09:50:01 Here's me and Chie on the Eurostar on the way over.

09:58:15 Chie being inexplicably rude towards me.

10:05:18 Chie starting to look a bit tired now.

11:58:53 Probably in France now then.

13:40:56 Upon arriving at Gare du Nord, we realised we didn't really know what we wanted to do. So we just wandered over to Mont Martre, which is fairly close by. Here's Chie, with the lovely Sacre Coeur in the background.

13:41:41 I'm really glad I got a picture of this merry-go-round, as just a few months later it appeared in what became one of my favourite films ever - Amelie.

13:43:18 Me at the bottom of the steps to Sacre Coeur.

13:47:00 Chie pulling faces again.

13:47:43 I was probably trying to take a picture of the view here, but it ended up being more like a picture of some people's backs.

13:50:11 That's a bit better - the rooftops of Paris.

13:50:40 Sacre Coeur a bit closer up.

13:51:24 Chie with a view of Paris stretching out behind her.

13:52:49 Chie and her new bag!

13:54:13 Mostly this seems to have ended up a picture of this tree.

13:56:44 Again, lots of people's backs.

15:17:08 Oddly, I thought this mini looked rather cool parked here.

15:19:17 The artists square in Mont Martre, whatever it's called.

15:19:33 Is this where we had lunch maybe?

15:25:00 I was just very fond of this lamp post and sign combination.

15:26:06 A view down a stepped alleyway.

16:14:35 Nope, not sure why I took this.

16:17:53 Chie, seemingly not embarassed to be looking at a map in public.

16:19:00 Me and some random monument or other.

16:19:47 I think there may have been some grass on this guy's head or something, but you can't really see it here...

16:20:32 Chie by a fountain.

16:20:45 Still looking at that mapbook!

17:01:19 This must be the Seine then.

17:01:30 ...and the "Seine thing" again.... hohohoho

17:46:40 We'd decided to get ourselves a hotel room, we had to go to quite a few before we found one with any free rooms, but eventually we found this very basic place, whose name I can't remember, somewhere in St. Germain.

19:04:57 A view from our bedroom window... Maybe taken to help us find it again!

19:05:15 Again from our hotel room window - I just liked these rooftops.

20:06:34 Good old Notre Dame.

20:11:47 Notre Dame again.

20:12:07 Chie looking a bit cross, I think this was something to do with cakes, but I don't remember exactly.

20:12:52 The Seine again.

20:15:27 Me on what I assume is a bridge...

21:33:54 After a lot of wandering around we more or less got fed up of walking and went into the first restaurant we found.

22:03:41 I seem to remember enjoying this wine quite a lot.

22:16:39 Chie trying to hide from me.

23:41:27 Back at our hotel room now, I seem to have been really fascinated with the buildings across the street from us.

23:41:41's another picture...

23:41:49 That interesting rooftop opposite again.

23:42:03 Chie looking tired out.

23:42:43 I must have been messing about with the long exposure here.

23:44:05 I thought this was sort of arty... Anyway, time for bed I think!

10:40:21 In the morning, that street yet again!

10:40:41 ...and I couldn't resist one more picture of those now infamous rooftops.

10:47:51 Despite it being a Sunday, there were lots of market stalls out lining the streets.

11:02:27 The Seine, taken from some bridge or other.

11:02:49 Chie, with bag of cakes in hand.

11:15:19 Some more river-ish type views.

11:25:01 Chie finally getting to eat her cakes...

11:30:24 A bird that came to join us for our al fresco elevenses.

11:34:16 Very pleased with this - just managed to catch him or her in mid flight.

12:04:17 We decided to be lazy and touristy and go on a boat trip along the Seine.

12:04:45 Despite it being a bit chilly, a fair amount of people joined us on the boat.

12:07:32 Well, it wouldn't be a trip to Paris without at least one picture of the Eiffel tower now would it?

12:09:15 ...but of course just one wouldn't do...

12:10:33 How very French - the Eiffel tour and the Tricolore.

12:13:30 Just some water really.

12:14:13 The other statue of liberty, and the Eiffel tower again.

12:14:27 Chie and the same Paris scenery again.

12:17:01 I think this was a fire engine emptying it's tanks.

12:23:13 Chie took this picture of me and, guess what, the bloody Eiffel tower again.

12:23:17 ...and again...

12:24:10 Nice picture of me and Chie.

12:24:41 Strange lighting here.

12:24:57 That's a bit better.

12:25:21 Look, Chie's popped into the shot!

12:26:49 ...I can't take much more!

12:34:56 The inside of the boat, for reference mainly.

13:49:16 After getting off the boat, we went for another random wander. Here's a nice looking gilded building.

14:10:21 A pointless bit of road junction.

14:10:30 Can't remember what this building is, but I always like this classical acropolis style.

14:16:24 I think this is the Place De La Concorde then.

14:19:44 The famous obelisk.

14:20:11 Me looking a bit tired!

14:23:14 Chie looking very sweet in front of the fountain.

14:24:33 The wheel again.

14:24:59 I guess that's the Champs Elysees down there.

14:29:57 ...we decided to take a stroll in that direction...

14:30:18 Me and Chie quite literally Aux Champs Elysees.

14:32:48 Taking a break in some nice floral gardens.

15:33:35 The good old Arc de Triomphe.

15:34:22 ...and again.

17:26:52 The Lebanese restaurant (Al-Ajami) just off the Champs Elysees where we had a fantastic late lunch (or perhaps very early dinner). It's often difficult to get vegetarian food in France, but this place did a wonderful vegetarian mezze which was exciting, delicious and actually very reasonably priced. Marvellous.

18:03:09 Back in Gare Du Nord, waiting for our train, along with a very scary looking man on the left hand side.

18:03:47 The departures board.

18:09:45 A view of the station from the raised platform at the back, where we had to go for passport control.

19:48:52 On the train now, bless her - she's tired!

20:01:35 Chie demonstrating her famous ability to sleep just about anywhere.

20:07:44 Err, me.

20:34:18 I think this is near the entrance to the tunnel, on the French side. That must be a cheap booze supermarket or something. It looks like they might just be targetting English customers.

20:34:48 Chie.

20:34:48 Chie again.

20:38:09 Me again.

20:38:09 Me again again.

20:50:02 Me and Chie. I think we're probably in the tunnel now.

20:54:09 ..and again.

20:34:14 To while away the time I took quite a lot of pictures of the sunset...

20:34:14 ...which I'm now going to have to write comments for...

20:34:14 ...which is going to be a real pain...

20:34:14 ...given that they basically all look the same...

20:34:14 ...more or less.

20:55:46 Look - Battersea power station. Must mean we're back in London now.