Pangbourne Fete

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A few pictures from Pangbourne Fete, Saturday 7th June 2003, which was actually far less painful than I had expected.

15:26:31 As part of the Fete there was a kind of dog show in the arena bit in the middle. Most of the dogs were highly entertaining in their complete lack of enthusiasm for taking part.

15:35:06 Kevin and Simon enjoying some warm murky real ale out of a plastic pint glass. Oh, the joys of summer.

15:41:15 Chie knocking back a lemonade.

15:41:24 As Simon said, the picture though a pint glass shot is now a bit passe.

15:46:06 Chie, failing to obey the unwritten law that Graham must never be photographed. Generously though, he didn't throw anything at her. Perhaps because there was no cutlery to hand.

15:46:38 I'm not sure what she was trying to achieve here. Perhaps get a picture of the clouds?

16:21:29 No Fete would be complete without a certain amount of morris dancing.

18:56:37 Quite literally, lazing on a sunny afternoon, in the summertime.

21:09:26 After the Fete, Simon suggested we go for a curry.

21:09:56 I think you can probably tell from this picture how badly burned I was.

21:13:01 Chie and 'our Simon.