Oxford Night Out

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Friday 17th October 2003. A night out with Duncan et al in the rather wonderful city of Oxford.

18:37:09 Here we are at the start of the evening in Pizza Express. After having been provided with Nastro Azurro, here is a very blurred Duncan and a not so blurred Kevin pouring beer into glasses.

18:37:32 A jolly nice picture of Kevin and Simon. Surprisingly sharp considering the lack of flash.

18:37:43 Barry is still in focus here, but Duncan is a bit blurred.

20:10:10 After Pizza Express, here's a picture mostly of the table, taken at the Turl Bar.

20:10:18 Again, the Turl Bar, but here's a picture actually containing some people, namely Kevin and Simon.

20:25:55 Just outside the Turl Bar, a pleasingly complicated picture taken by wor Barry, involving Kevin, me, Simon (with his back to the camera) and Duncan being mildly obscene.

20:31:09 Down the hidden alleyway that leads to the Turf Tavern. Very challenging composition here. No, no, really.

20:34:39 A disappointingly blue picture inside the turf tavern. This is due to some spaggy camera settings and that.

20:35:09 A less blue, and much more pleasing picture inside the Turf Tavern. Lots of heads here. Good.

20:38:47 In the kind of garden area of the Turf Tavern, here's Simon and Duncan.

20:40:46 Look, here's Duncan and Kevin. Sitting on a bench. Lovely.

20:55:03 These heaters were plain evil and radioactive. I think I contracted skin cancer.

20:55:29 Here's me hiding from the evil rays...

20:55:35 ...and again. Aaaaagggghhhh.

20:55:45 I look distinctly uncomfortable about the whole incident.

21:02:38 A very nice picture of more or less everyone but me.

21:03:11 ...the same again but with a flash.

21:06:44 A photographic demonstration of my obsession with making t-shirts from cigarette packets.

21:18:09 Now (I think) we're in the King's Arms.

21:18:36 Well, I'm fairly sure we went to the King's Arms at some point during the evening, and I'm fairly sure I took some pictures in there, so it seems pretty likely this is it...

21:32:06 A lovely picture of wor Barry and wor Simon.

21:32:48 A blurry picture of me, Kevin and wor Duncan.

21:33:19 A less blurry picture of me, Kevin (looking slightly demonic) and Duncan.

21:49:38 Somewhere near the King's Arms, out in the street.

22:00:19 The next pub, which I'm fairly sure was The Grapes.

22:03:18 Yes, I'm pretty convinced it was The Grapes.

22:03:26 Traditional Quality.... hmmm...

22:07:17 A nice picture encompassing everyone but me.

22:41:50 Now I think we're in the last pub of the evening, the Aniquities Hall.

22:42:00 It's nice to see Barry so affectionate, isn't it?

22:43:06 An interesting landscape of people.

22:43:40 Me, looking interesting. Ish.

22:43:48 Mmmmmm.

22:45:07 Duncan getting a bit peckish.

22:45:41 Duncan and wor Bazza.

22:49:55 Kevin looking very hardcore, and Simon looking like Simon.

22:50:35 Barry appears to be taking a picture here.

22:51:00 Mmmmmm... three people.

22:51:07 An interesting exercise in composition.

22:51:16 Everyone but wor Barry.

23:18:16 On the train now then it seems... Simon, me and Kevin, a nice picture to end on, rather than swathes of pointless train pictures.