Dad's Ordination
Saturday 22 September 2001

Bizarrely enough, this is the day my mostly secular family went along to witness my Dad's ordination. The day Dad became "Reverend Dad". I'm putting these pictures here at least in part as an unashamedly blatant photographic name dropping exercise, as they've got my Dad's friend Rowan Williams in, who has recently received a lot of media attention simply for the relatively inconspicuous act of becoming Archbishop of Canterbury.

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10:06:09 This here is the interior of St. Mary's Church in Monmouth before the ceremony started.

10:11:24 Alex here must have got the whole thing on video then...

11:01:09 This may have been in the middle of a hymn type bit. Dad's on the right hand side here, and you can also see good old Rowan Williams, then Archbishop of Wales, just behind him. Rowan was presiding over the ceremony.

11:16:22 I think this is the actual crux of the ordination. I suppose it's the equivalent of the "I do" bit in a wedding.

11:56:45 The ceremony over and done with, I thought I'd get a quick picture of the stage, or whatever you call it.

11:56:58 Everyone getting up to leave.

11:57:15 I think my Grandmother (pictured here) affectionately referred to our pew (pue?) as Heathen's row.

11:57:41 Me, Vera and Adrian.

11:57:43 Same again, but with Vera and Adrian in focus a bit better.

11:59:46 Chie putting a pin in the map for Hiroshima. Disappointingly, she wasn't the first visitor from Japan .

12:05:18 Dad being congratulated by a couple of his friends (Nick Cooper and John Theophilus I think) outside the church.

12:05:24 Dad's friends engaging in the "what's it like to be a reverend then" conversation?

12:09:52 Dad and his friend Rowan, Archbishop of Wales, now Archbishop of Canterbury.

12:09:58 Dad and the Archbish again.

12:12:14 Adrian and Liz, not by any means regular churchgoers, looking a tad fazed by the whole thing.

12:14:04 Luke and Alex wandering away from the church.

12:14:13 The spire of St. Mary's, cast in a slightly unusual light.

12:15:48 It's important to end proceedings like these with a cannon. (Or was that supposed to be a canon?)