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Some of Chie's friends come round to our flat for okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes) on Saturday 6th September 2003.

14:17:36 In my kitchen. From left to right, Yoshimi, Nozaki Sensei, Kowrisan and Junchan.

14:17:55 The kitchen again, and Chie is in there now.

14:20:25 Junchan in the kitchen.

14:29:01 I had the honour of receiving the first okonomiyaki of the afternoon (seemingly a perk of being vegetarian). Very nice it was too!

14:30:38 Nozakisan with some (presumably French) Cider, along with Yoshimi to the right hand side, and me to the left.

14:35:37 Junchan, me, Nozakisensei and Yoshimi doing kanpai (with cider I think).

14:42:39 Nozaki hard at work on the hotplate.

14:42:56 A close-up on the cooking.

15:04:39 Junchan and Yoshimi, each with a bowl of my extremely mushroomy mushroom soup.

19:28:19 The girls waving goodbye to me (odd, as I wasn't leaving) at the front door.