Nozaki Sensei's Wine Evening

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Saturday 8th - Sunday 9th February 2003. An evening spent drinking some really excellent wines, and eating wonderful Japanese food, in the comfort of Nozaki Sensei's home.

21:58:55 Iguchi Sensei and Chie drinking some very nice red wine. Nozaki sensei had planned out a really excellent wine list for the evening - I think we're over half way through it now, the whites mostly appearing at the start.

22:00:53 Me and Chie looking very happy.

22:46:48 Kaorisan, Junchan (not drinking wine it seems!) and Nozaki sensei.

23:01:20 Chie and Kaorisan, both seem to be really enjoying themselves.

23:01:31 ...and again.

23:02:15 Junchan and Nozaki, who is looking a bit tired!

23:02:34 Iguchi, looking like she has something important to say.

23:23:20 Junchan seems to have been persuaded to drink some wine. I think this may have been the dessert wine.

23:23:29 Yet more wine... It was hard to keep up!

23:23:36 Completely missed! Still, Nozaki can be proud he has very clean walls and ceilings.

23:24:00 Iguchi sensei looking very pensive.

00:31:31 Chie and Junchan waiting at the station. It must have been a cold night!

00:31:45 Chie looks a bit tipsy here!

00:32:28 Me looking very messy, and Chie looking very happy (I wonder if the alcohol was a factor...?).