An Evening in Nottingham

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Just a few pictures from when Chie and myself went for an evening trip to Nottingham on Saturday 16th August 2003.

18:31:34 We started off our evening with a quick pint in the famous "Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem", which has apparently been there since 1189AD, making it substantial older than a number of countries. It claims to be the oldest inn in England, however, I'm sure this is such a complex and subjective issue that it is not the only English pub making this claim. Still, a great place nonetheless.

18:48:56 After Ye olde Trip we decided to take a quick stroll around the grounds of Nottingham Castle, which at this time of year are open until 8.

18:49:15 Chie whispering something in my ear, by the looks of things.

18:49:38 Look, you can see the roof of Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem down there.

18:49:44 The rooftops of Nottingham are not that picturesque, as it happens...

18:51:25 Chie, her bag, and a cityscape in the background, oddly reminiscent of a picture I took in Paris.

18:54:53 In the grounds, hedge carving, or whatever you call it, seems to have been taken to an extreme.

19:10:18 I thought I'd show Chie Rock City, the famous club I used to frequent a few years back.

19:50:36 After a further stroll around, we decided to get some dinner in Skinny Sumo. It has changed a bit since the last time I went there (around this time), but it was very good, if not better, than the time before.

19:50:56 Me enjoying a small assortment of sushi, as part of my Shojin set meal.

20:13:15 Chie, who said this teppan-yaki style dish was very good.

20:13:37 Me, tucking into some teppan-yaki style tofu.

21:03:16 After dinner, we decided to go for a drink in The Social, having previously been to the one in London. Although a lot smaller than the London one, it still had a good atmosphere, nice layout, and was amazingly cheap (or maybe the girl who served us just undercharged us).

21:03:44 Me, doing a great advert for The Social.