New Year's Eve

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31st December 2003. A dinner party in mine and Chie's flat to celebrate New Year's Eve in a thoroughly grown up fashion.

23:20:34 Mark, Masato, Junko and Chie, some time after dinner, sitting around the dining table.

23:20:54 I appear to have been mildly flummoxed by something in this book.

23:21:16 Clearly both me and Mark are very happy that there's some apple juice present.

23:21:30 Masato, Junko and Chie. Chie is holding some weird kind of dried doughnut things.

23:25:15 An attempt to get a group picture with us all in, which seems to have cut out Mark.

23:26:33 Another attempt to get a group picture, this time beautifully framed, but for some reason blurred. It's as if the camera is doing it out of spite.

23:51:31 I appear to be attempting to make one of those shadow puppet things. This is clearly deformed rabbit.

23:51:44 As we approached midnight, we encountered a swathe of indecision about how we should mark the change over, or whatever you call it. It was decided in the end it was probably the time for champagne, so here's me in the process of opening the bottle.

01:42:31 Much later on now, Masato and Junko have now gone home, and it's just me, Mark and Chie. Mark seems to be enjoying "Hello JAPAN", whatever that is.

01:43:17 Some different lighting here. Mark and Chie enjoy those funny dried doughnut things.

01:44:07 Still more of the same really. Note however the pleasing array of empty bottles on the table.

01:44:57 A rather moronic John inbetween Chie and Mark.

01:46:26 Still more of the same really...

01:47:17 ...but look, here's the traditional papier mache camel to help us welcome in the new year. Hard to tell it's a camel head on, you'll just have to trust me.

01:48:36 Nothing really to say here.

01:49:29 I clearly wasn't satisfied with these pictures.

01:50:05 A nice conspiritaoral glance from Mark there.

01:50:37 I think Chie is starting to get fed up!

02:30:15 Chie taking an "arty" picture. 2004 is the year of the monkey, thus the unusual chinese characters on that bit of paper there. Me and Mark are possibly looking at a map in the distance.