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A night out in Newbury on Tuesday 3rd September 2003 with Barry and Mike from work. We actually visited three pubs during the course of the evening, but only took pictures in the third and final one. That, and the burger place, and what appaears to be a car park, randomly.

21:54:57 The devilishly handsome Mr. Mike Kenna, in what I believe to be the Hogshead, which appear to be standard issue now in towns across the South East.

21:55:09 Barry, looking at least slightly uneasy about the camera being pointed at him.

21:57:56 Me, looking frankly quite ill. I assume this is all down to lighting.

21:58:32 Two very distnguished gentlemen here, Mike and Barry.

22:59:32 Yes, we do seem to have been drinking beer.

22:59:54 Not sure why I felt it necessary to adopt this unpleasant facial expression here.

23:00:08 My imaginary party trick where I drink beer from one glass and squirt it out through my left nostril into the other.

23:00:19 To our right was a nice (albeit dark) view of the river, if I recall correctly.

23:01:07 Barry, looking very pensive.

23:01:36 Considering the constant photographic torture I subject other people to, I really ought to seem a bit more willing to appear in photographs myself...

23:02:07 Say Mike, you've a rather tasty looking insect on your left eyebrow.

23:02:24 What charming young men.

23:04:48 Good-oh.

23:13:26 Mike's obsession with Hoegaarden was apparently the main reason we had come to this pub in the first place.

23:36:47 If you haven't paid and displayed your ticket, we'll send the boys round.

23:39:01 Signs take on almosy mystical proportions when drunk and in charge of a camera.

23:43:06 Barry, waiting patiently for a burger. Rather good shot I thought.

23:43:23 Judging by the sign. this place must have been called Rio's then. Sporting an impressive four veggie burgers (me and Mike opted for the Orlando), this place is worth remembering if ever I'm drunk and in Newbury again.

23:47:30 Barry and Mike, with the counter from whence our burgers came behind them.

23:51:05 Not sure of the purpose of taking this picture here, if indeed there ever was any.

00:02:57 Barry's fish tank, taken without the flash so as not to alarm the little fellas.

00:58:02 Mike decided it was time to go home.

00:58:14 I think I had entered the really snap happy phase at this point... Note the glass of red wine in Barry's hand here.

00:58:21 Off goes Mike. By the looks of things, he was planning to carry his bike home rather than ride it.

00:58:35 Can you make out the reflectors on Mike's bike in the distance there perhaps...?