Nando's and Scruffy's

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Thursday 12th February 2004. An evening out with some people from work, first for dinner at Nando's, and then for some Guinness at Scruffy Murphy's.

20:09:53 Here we are near the start of the evening, in Nando's. A veritable festival of chicken carcasses seems to be occurring.

20:10:20 There appears to be a lot of Super Bock on the table. I've never tried regular Bock, but presumably it isn't quite as good.

20:11:00 I seem to be hiding behind Chie here for some reason. Chie appears to be enjoying some corn on the cob, whilst everyone else tucks into their deceased avian flesh.

20:12:29 Akino and Chie.

20:28:04 Kev and Simon. With a slightly different angle, it could have been made to look like they were playing on a set of pan pipes, constructed from Nando's sauce bottles. If only I'd thought of that at the time...

20:28:14 Andy with an unconvincing fake moustache. Or perhaps this is a corn on the cob sporting a very convincing fake Andy.

21:45:26 There are a couple of subtle clues in this picture hinting at the possibility that we might be in an Irish pub now. See if you can spot them.

21:45:55 Yes, here we are in Scruffy Murphy's, and seemingly it's Guinneses (please advise if you know of a better way to make Guinness plural) all round.

22:06:23 Chie routinely tries to strangle me. It's a sign of affection.

22:06:42 Me demonstrating my love of Guinness. I'm very fond of this picture.

22:06:54 Me and Akino. I seem to be pulling an unusual face here, possibly part way through laughing, or maybe whincing in pain as Chie continues to beat me, just out of shot.

22:07:07 Andy, a bit tilted.

22:07:27 Yes, we had got to the stage of the evening where we felt it necessary to affix random stickers to our foreheads. Indeed, 25% off books.

22:07:49 some kind of phone card thing or something.

22:08:13 Clearly the sticker ensemble then had to do the rounds.

22:08:25 Kev performing a bit of essential maintenance.

22:08:39 I'd like to say the idea of taking picture of everyone with stickers attached seemed funny at the time... but in retrospect it probably didn't.

22:08:58 David wisely delegating the sticker bearing responsibility to a nearby mantelpiece.

22:38:37 It's nice to check every now and again that both Simon and Kev actually have knees. This picture doesn't, however, clear up the burning question about them having feet or not.

22:43:00 An interesting and dynamic group picture.

23:34:18 On the way home, Kev with Chie and Akino.