Music With Rob

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Sunday 24th November 2002. Me and Rob, the evening we recorded the rather excellent How to Survive an Earthquake.

15:23:06 Me playing a keyboard. I seem to have some sort of cake in my hand as well.

15:23:55 Rob does something or other with far more talent than whatever I was previously doing.

15:24:22 Here's a keyboard.

15:24:40 Look - some guitars (or is that a guitar and a bass).

15:25:05 An amp, although unfortunately not one that went up to eleven.

15:25:28 That amp again.

15:41:57 Rob, doing some editing thing that probably has an irritating trendy name.

15:46:30 Rob flexes his creative muscles. Er.

15:52:09 Mr. Lang really lets it rip. Yes, he's strumming that bass with a Tigger.

16:29:58 Look, waveform thingies.

16:40:20 It's important at some stage in the proceedings to fill up pint glasses with orange squash.

16:40:27 All the best musicians drink orange squash, or possibly Ribena if they've been really successful.

17:48:08 To celebrate our muscial genius, Rob, Byrnie and I went to the Chinese takeaway just around the corner.

17:48:42 Look there's me as well.

17:52:06 Just me here. Errr, well that's it, then.