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The day I moved out of my lovely Hampstead flat, Saturday 30th September 2001, made far more bearable (and even fun at times) by Rob very kindly bringing the van along to help me move.

09:40:03 Come on 'Awkins, get in the vaaaaaan!

09:40:15 Me waving goobye to my lovely flat in Hampstead.

09:40:29 The last time I would ever walk down those steps (actually this may not be true, I think I went back there once to pick up post, and to have dinner with the new residents, but still...).

09:40:34 Exhausted after carrying all those boxes.

09:40:50 All my worldy posessions fitted neatly into Rob's van.

11:37:01 Rob's van, on my new far less attractive street.

11:37:18 Me outside my new (fairly temporary) residence, which was a real step down in lifestyle from Hampstead.

11:59:32 No idea why there's a picture of "Chumley's" here.

13:43:19 In my room in my new abode, me and Rob getting dressed to go to the Mexican party we'd been invited to that evening.

13:43:41 Me, not looking 100% enthusiastic about being in costume.

13:45:12 ...still it was all very cheap.

13:45:21 Not sure why this last picture was necessary but there you go!