Michelle and Libby'sBirthday Party

Saturday 30th June 2001. Michelle and Libby were having a joint birthday barbeque, bonfire, and general party at their house in Reading. Here's the pictures I took. Apologies (as usual) about the lack of photographic expertise and general randomness of many of the subjects. I don't remember taking a lot of the ones towards the end! Still hopefully there's a few nice ones among these. As always, click on the smaller images to see the full size ones. Any comments or anything, mail John. Cheers!

20:21. Michelle attempts the mountain of champagne glasses thing. Hmmm.

20:31. Yep, I think the bonfire's caught.

20:32. Very smokey indeed.

20:34. Clive Michelle and Phillip enjoying the completely unnecessary warmth of the fire.

20:38. You can tell this is Clive's daughter then!

20:44. Clive, Kate and Michelle, and it looks like the fire's gone out already!

20:46. Paul, a cheeky chicken chomping chappy. Erm.

20:54. Kate and Helen also enjoying Paul's chicken.

21:36. Skill.

22:31. In the interim between this and the previous picture it suddenly got dark.

22:32. Failed attempt at taking a picture of the "other" group of people, sitting around the remains of the barbeque.

22:44. She might be called Faye, not sure.

22:45. Here's thingy and wotsit.

22:47. Ben and Kate appearing full of glee.

22:50. Possibly a close up of Ben's T-Shirt...?

22:51. Finn, Libby, and, ermmm, sorry it's gone.

22:54. DJ Paul is in the house. Literally.

22:54. MC Fountain keepin' it real.

23:15. Reassuringly, the sofa had been successfully located and identified.

23:16. I may have told this girl she was unattractive in the process of getting her to appear in this picture, for which I apologise!

23:53. Jacob's Creek...?

00:17. Some leg, a bit of blanket, maybe part of an elbow.

00:18. Marcel sporting a mighty fine cigar.

00:25. Bug's eye view of the fire.

00:26. Errr.... flying bug's eye view of the fire?

00:29. Visually impaired bug...?

00:30. Feels like Eddy Grant ought to be playing in the background here...

00:33. Nice crackly effect. Nice.

00:35. I think we were all aware by now that there was a fire.

00:37. It's just like Hawaii.

00:40. Yes, ok it's the bloody fire again.

00:43. Nope, I can't work out who this is.

00:44. Yea yea yea.

00:47. Errrr, Michelle's a little teapot, short and stout....?

00:48. Paul's manly camera making mine look shamefully gimmicky.

00:50. Ben dreaming of cocktails and hula girls...

00:56. So I could remember where I put it, ok?

00:57. At least one of these individuals may have drank something by this point.

01:04. I'm sure this bloke used to be in Mudhoney.

01:06. A symbolic archery demonstration...?

01:07. Attempts at flight...?

01:08. With some clever editing, this could be made to look quite incriminating.

01:09. The first (and only) picture I actually got to appear in! I'm the person on the right who isn't Paul.

01:10. Missed.

01:10. Nice to see the fire's still there though.

01:11. Woooooooo.

01:19. Constant reminder that light is actually quite important to photography.

01:22. Looks like this was taken by a hidden camera or something.

01:29. If Paul's shoes had eyes...

01:38. Don't remember taking this. Maybe trying to check everyone else's feet were in a better condition than mine?

01:39. Same again then.

01:39. The picture they told me not to take.

01:40. Ben escorting me away.

01:59. Back outside again then...

02:04. Wahey! It's my bike!

02:09. Some people just have that unbreakable affinity with stairs.

02:11. What, they've got eight legs? Shit.

02:12. Must be on my way out...