Mia Beni

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Friday 24th January 2003. A meal in the very nice Italian restaurant in Pangbourne.

21:09:36 Look at the lovely beams in that ceiling.

21:11:28 Vanessa and Simon enjoying their distinctly pizza-like garlic bread, with some very interesting lighting.

21:12:05 Nice picture of the two of them.

21:12:31 Kevin and Garry, who was on top form. I think the old couple at the next table, just visible here, particularly enjoyed some of his comments.

21:12:46 Kevin and Garry with some marvellous pointing action.

21:14:03 Mmmmmm garlic bread. Pretty much a meal in itself.

21:20:42 A dynamic and interesting shot.

21:34:53 My pizza. Something like a vegetariana I imagine. Jolly nice it was too. So nice that I later stored some of it temporarily on a roof elsewhere in Pangbourne.

21:59:38 Vanessa and Simon both looking very satisfied.

22:00:37 Kevin ate something fishy, if I recall correctly.

22:00:46 Kevin here is thinking "If you don't take your hand off my shoulder, I'll break all of your fingers".