Mexican Night

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Wednesday 19th February 2003. Kevin and Simon in my flat for a spot of Mexican food, plenty of beer, and a glass or two of champagne.

19:55:53 Although I'd done the bulk of the cooking (no, honestly) Simon had just taken over for the meaty bits.

19:56:34 I rather like this picture of my Kitchen here, with Kevin admiring Simon's handy work.

20:37:58 Simon and Kevin enjoying an assortment of beers.

20:38:11 Chie hides behind a plate.

20:38:30 I look a right mess here.

21:16:44 An olympic standard feat of (chair mounted) leg rubbing.

21:36:06 A nice view of Kevin and Simon through an assortment of bottles, including some rather nice Veuve Cliquot.

23:34:12 I think Simon must be attempting to leave here. Can't remember if he managed it or not.