Justin and Sam's Mexican Night

A Mexican themed house warming party at Justin and Sam's new house on Saturday September 30th 2001. I took the full size images at higher resolution than normal (1024x768), so it may take a bit longer than usual to download...

20:31. Natalie and Rob, es duos Amigos. Erm.

20:32. Justin (dressed as Zorro - he was Mexican wasn't he?) prepares stuff in the kitchen.

20:32. Justin close up - maybe to identify his Zorro-like moustache.

20:33. This would be John then, toy gun and everything.

20:34. Hmmmm would have worked better if you couldn't see the corner of the wall there...

22:02. Warning, Rob is drinking Glenfiddich from the bottle.

22:50. An attempt at Stanhope Road-esque dodgy vision. Also a number of cheap Mexican restaurants are wondering where that spare table cloth went.

22:54. Oooooh FEISTY. Meryem (hope I spelt that right) and Anna.

22:56. Rob looking oddly Scottish (or indeed Scottishly odd) in his poncho.

23:01. Something fun happens out of shot.

23:06. Eh what you lookin at gringo? Etc.

23:19. Andy, a man who seemed very wise in the ways of the dancefloor.

23:19. Meryem and Anna discuss Brazilian politics in the late 1920s.

23:19. It's official: John looks worse from underneath.

23:28. Belly dancing may have been occuring here.

00:14. General milling about taking place.

00:20. Rob - what IS going on beneath your poncho?

00:22. Bizarre sequence of alien space craft (the little white blob on the wall) docking with Rob's mouth...

00:23. ...almost there...

00:23. ...we have contact. Hmmm. Yep.

00:26. Many persons in the kitchen - Justin, some bloke, Mark, Sam and "Rog".

00:32. Some bloke plus some woman.

00:32. Nicoletta looking very sweet and innocent. So it's not true what they say about the camera never lying.

00:34. John tries to look sweet and innocent and possibly fails.

00:40. Mark and Andy enjoy the apparently very good Enchiladas (or Burritos, can never remember which is which).

00:57. Oooooh gringoettas.

00:58. Better still, gringoettas with GUNS.

00:59. Yes, there had to be Tequila.

01:00. The drinking here may well have been simulated.

01:00. Justin attempts to remove a chilli seed stuck in Nicoletta's ear.

01:02. Rog may have taken this picture.

01:03. The renowned faggy filter picture.

01:09. Either two separate tablecloths, or a larger one cut in two.

01:10. Three amigos, demonstrating the useful side effect of sombreros in maintaining personal space.

01:11. Funny, put a gun in Meryem's hand and her gut reaction was to threaten John with it.

01:12. Well, kind of a running theme then.

01:46. Sam and Justin's very nice dogs not wanting to be left out.

02:01. Awwww...

02:03. What posers!

02:29. I doubt anyone particularly understood what was going on here at the time, so we have no chance whatsoever now.

02:31. It transpires, amazingly, the girl here (Justin and Sam's neighbour) went to the same school as Anna in Finland (or was it Sweden).

02:34. It's worrying.

02:34. Oh dear. Maybe time to leave.