Meryem's (and Cedric's)Birthday

Saturday 12th January 2002, the first party in Stanhope Road for some time, but this time, unusually, not fancy dress, and not organised by Mr Gasson. Instead, this was a slightly more refined than usual affair to celebrate Meryem's (who also lives in Stanhope Road) and Cedric's (who doesn't) birthdays. Well, without further ado, here's the pictures.

Also, there's a selection of video clips (in Quicktime format) if you're really brave...

21:28. Marc, Nicoletta and Iain look through some photos.

21:28. Hmmm... can't remember the significance of this picture.

21:31. Meryem, avec ses amis francophones.

21:31. Meryem plus friends again.

21:47. Me enjoying some of le vin blanc, and Sam enjoying le, errr, Coke noir.

21:57. Nicoletta giving a particularly piercing stare.

22:16. Just in case the corner of the room above the door was feeling left out.

22:16. Maybe during New York, New York...?

22:17. Aha! Meryem and Cedric's birthday cake, before...

22:17. ...and after the blowing.

22:19. Meryem proudly holding her Gateaux des Simpsons. Um.

22:24. People inexplicably start falling on the floor.

22:24. A demonstration of how zips work...?

22:24. I made the mistake of asking if there was enough room in this picture for my head... I bet I think this song is about me, etc.

22:24. Still people are lying about on the floor.

22:25. ...and still..

22:25. Ah, finally, the notion of standing up again has been widely accepted as a good one.

22:26. However, only to be superceded by falling about on a sofa...

22:27. Some kind of French yoga...?

22:29. A more sensible sofa configuration...

22:29. ...but not for long!

22:30. Sam wonders if it really is that long.

22:32. Sam still pondering if it really could be...

22:37. If only Meryem had a life long ambition to stab Homer in the head, it would now have been fulfilled.

22:42. Pinrad and Iain looking a bit dozy already.

23:01. Did anyone else used to do this dance in their school discoes to "White Lines"...?

23:01. ...In later life I was shocked to find out this song was about cocaine! (Gasp)

23:03. Still, as a pre-teenager I wasn't going to deeply question the ethics of anything that led to an excuse to being sandwiched inbetween two of my female classmates.

23:07. Errr... anyway, erm, I seem to have strayed from the point... Err, um...?

23:07. Ah right, yes, Meryem's birthday party.

23:12. And indeed, here we have some white lines! Actually, this was just salt, which apparently helps to remove wine stains...?

23:20. Kali orexi - Bon appetit in Greek (actually can't think of the English equivalent)...

23:31. Worryingly robotic dancing may not have disappeared after all.

23:32. May have been part of my vain attempts to learn how to belly dance.

23:34. Meryem, on the other hand, is a very good dancer. Hardly a fair competition!

00:06. Erm not sure what was so interesting stage right at this point.

00:21. A photo of a photo of one of Meryem's friends, bizarrely wrapped in a towel. Well, technically, two towels. Hmmm, isn't that the name of the next Lord of the Rings film?

01:16. Meryem here thinking, oh make him go away, please!

01:16. Me and Delia - what a nice couple!

01:17. Meryem thinking if she pretends to look happy I might go away quicker.

01:19. Mr Werry avec Mlle Can.

01:21. Delia and Mark - an oddly more fitting couple (than myself and Delia, that is).

01:23. Tired looking people.

01:26. Pinrad's pyjamas! This may have been a suggestion that it was time to go to sleep.

01:26. The sort of picture you might well pay good money for in certain bookshops in Soho.

01:27. Mr Werry has actually been asleep for the past half hour. Here he is held up with an intricate system of levers and pulleys.

01:29. Must be time to go home then. Bon nuit, etc!