Lounge Bar / Mexican Costume

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Saturday 27th October 2001. A slightly unusual set of pictures of an evening beginning with a couple of drinks in the temporary "Lounge Bar" in Gyosei college, followed by the girls trying on a Mexican costume in St. David's Hall.

22:28:46 Erina, Chie and Kanako, all looking a bit serious, sitting on a sofa in the kind of common room place in Gyosei, which had been turned into a lounge bar, complete with cocktails and a piano player.

22:30:15 Difficult to see very much without the flash!

22:30:39 Here begins a series of attempts to get an "arty" picture, with the three girls and some candlelight...

22:30:43 ...I think it was their idea rather than mine...

22:30:47 ...they seem to have brought a wineglass into shot here to see how that affected it...

22:30:51 ...or maybe Kanako just wanted a drink?

22:31:57 ...not sure how we decided to know when we could stop taking these pictures...

22:32:01 ...there do seem to be an awful lot of them...

22:39:51 ...still it passed the time I guess...!

22:45:12 Aha! Look, it's bartender Hiroshi, mixing us up a cocktail.

22:46:17 Erina, me and Kanako on the sofa, and without any arty lighting effects.

22:53:50 Chie and Kohe (apparently her "son").

23:08:00 The girls all looking very affectionate towards eachother.

23:08:52 No, don't say we're back to the arty shots again...

23:08:58 ...I don't think I can bear any more...!

23:09:03 ...please stop...(!)

23:09:54 ...please!

23:09:58 ...thankyou!

23:22:22 It seemed only normal then to go back to St. David's and dress up as Mexicans. As one does.

23:23:00 Here's Chie in the low budget Mexican costume, along with some things you put in the bath.

23:27:08 There's just something about women with guns... Particularly nice as it also caught Chie laughing in the mirror

23:29:07 Kanako really seemed to be enjoying herself!

23:29:11 Perhaps this is reminding her of her theatre days...?

23:30:12 A very unique picture, I can pretty much guarantee.

23:30:35 Very, very odd indeed.

23:35:29 Erina came by, and had to give the costume a go as well.

23:35:48 Again, women with guns...

23:36:32 Poor old Chie, as if she didn't already have enough to put up with, without being held to ransom.

00:13:33 Even Graham had to try the hat on.