London Pub Crawl

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Wednesday 8th October 2003. Me, Kevin, Simon and Mike on a tour of interesting historic pubs in London, around the Holborn/City area.

17:18:21 Mmmmm train beer.

17:18:41 Train beer again. What a difference a flash makes.

17:55:03 At Paddington, Kev had to check something or other on his PDA.

18:32:03 After a trip on the tube to Holborn, we got out and wandered along High Holborn to our first pub. We were treated along the way to this rather nice sunset.

18:35:59 it is again, with a bit less in the way. Very pleased with this picture!

18:47:10 In our first pub of the evening now, the magnificent Cittie of Yorke (still Henekey's to me).

18:50:03 A rather pleasing picture of that beautiful bar room.

18:52:59 Me and Kevin enjoying our very reasonably priced beers. You can get three pints of bitter for a fiver. Fantastic.

19:13:30 We thought we ought to get a bite to eat. The food wasn't anything to write hom about, but it wasn't bad either.

19:37:25 Mike, who had been working in London, must have arrived by this point then. Not long after this we left the Cittie of Yorke, as we had a busy schedule to adhere to.

19:56:57 The signpost (that's a bishop's hat) pointing to pub number 2 on our itinerary - Ye Olde Mitre.

19:57:13 Mike must have taken this again to make sure he got all of the bishop's hat in.

20:02:46 Outside Ye Olde Mitre, another great looking pub. It was surprisingly pleasant outside, not cold at all really.

20:13:04 Mike hiding behind Simon, Kevin, some barrels, and a load of serious business types in the background.

20:18:49 I'm fairly pleased with this - the sign and Mike, Simon and Kevin.

20:33:38 Close-up of that sign.

20:43:16 After Ye Olde Mitre, Mike departed to get a train home, leaving myself Simon and Kevin to progess on with the tour. Here, en route to pub number three, is a pointless picture of Kevin and Simon next to a statue of John Wilkes.

20:51:12 Kevin and Simon in pub number three, The Old Bank of England.

20:55:30 Very nice chandeliers and ceiling in here.

20:55:50 Nice shot that gives an idea of the decor. As you can see, it was pretty quiet by the time we got in here - more of an after work pub perhaps.

20:56:34 Me and Simon and some more nice decor.

20:58:13 I seem to have forgotten I'd already got a picture of this chandelier.

21:17:59 Apparently, I had a scratch under my eye, and this is my attempt to locate it. Still can't see anything.

21:18:43 Kevin and Simon looking at me in a concerned fashion...

21:19:10 ...and again. Kevin's facial expression is particularly priceless here.

21:46:46 Pub number four (originally five were planned, but as I'd anticipated, we'd had to omit one for lack of time). This is the Black Friar, of course.

21:47:03 ...not much good in terms of lighting.

21:51:12 A picture taken in the toilets of The Black Friar. I was rather keen on the "Dudley Tri-Shell". God forbid anyone would settle for the inferior "Bromsgrove Mono-Shell".

21:56:11 The only picture of the interior of The Black Friar, which really deserved a bit more photographic attention, but the beer may have become a factor by this stage,

22:26:32 Outside The Black Friar. Again it was surprisingly not too cold.

22:27:39 I think they're supposed to be looking like DJs or something... I don't know. We left shortly after this.

22:31:14 I'm rather pleased with this picture taken in Blackfriars tube station. There's an interesting dynamic created by Kevin's arm.

22:32:03 Kevin and Simon patiently awaiting our train.

22:34:12 A slightly menacing me and Kevin picture, on the tube (presumably circle line).

22:43:12 No point!

22:43:54 Simon looking pensive.

22:45:35 Kevin and Simon. Not sure if this is meant to be the peace symbol here, or if he his just dissing Simon.

22:46:04 Me looking confused, with an innocent passer by (or sitter by) also caught in the picture.

22:54:45 Simon eating a ticket with some agression.

23:11:00 On the overground train now, waiting for it to leave Paddington.

23:11:39 Errr.... erm.

23:29:13 Simon has dozed off seemingly...

23:30:01 Me, for no reason, with two halves of ticket.