A Day Out in London

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Here's some pictures of a day out in London on Sunday 11th June. Maiko and Chie had been staying with me in Hampstead, and it transpired Rob and Kanako were in London too. So we arranged to meet them for lunch.

12:33:48 The church just down the road from my house, which was having an open day. It's in the process of being restored.

12:34:17 It was kind of hard to get a good angle to take a picture from...

12:34:47 More church...

12:35:16 Chie and Maiko and yet more church.

13:12:28 So here we are in Leicester Square, having arrived about 20 minutes late to meet Rob and Kanako (blame the church!). I wanted some pretend touristy pictures...

14:26:43 We wandered around a bit trying to find somewhere to eat, and settled on IT'S (I thought Rob would appreciate the Python reference). Here's me wearing Chie's glasses and looking a bit camp...

14:27:14 ...Rob then managing to outcamp me by miles. Is this the first picture of Rob's new hair colour?

14:42:15 Me and Chie, just after Kanako said we looked really good together.... thanks!

14:54:15 More touristy pictures. Rob, a Londoner born and bred, was hiding in shame at this point.

14:55:02 Maiko had this Barbie polaroid sticker camera which was well cool. I think we were looking at one of the pictures here...

14:55:16 ...here too.

14:59:54 Picture of us all (a bit blurry) taken by waiter in Haagen Dazs Cafe.

15:08:21 Myself and Rob - the management.

15:38:10 Some kind of dream sequence maybe?

15:38:16 Chiesan and Maikosan laughing at something or other.

15:42:43 Kanako is a bit frustrated. No comment.

15:50:40 Awww ain't they sweet?

15:53:21 Interesting new method for holding glasses.

15:56:37 Sometimes that secratary look is harder to achieve than you might think.

16:28:06 Right so Rob and Kanako had left by this point. Here we are outside the London Transport Museum, Covent Garden.

17:23:35 Dangui Chinatown!

17:24:32 I think there was some mafia activity brewing while we were there...

17:30:29 Strange facial expression - I like it!

17:31:07 I told them to pull faces here... Interesting result!

18:20:43 Could we be any more touristy? I love the fake enthusiasm from Chie and Maiko here - nice!

18:21:29 Seemingly I find it much harder to fake enthusiasm.

18:23:41 Marvellous.

18:29:11 Touristy though it may be, I really like this picture.

18:40:51 I'm getting a bit tired of it all now.

18:42:05 Nice!

18:52:48 Um, can't remmeber what the little arcade thing this is in is called... Oh well...