Curry with Jeff
Saturday 26 October 2002

19:55:08 This here is in the Wellington (welly), where most of the Llamasoft people were staying. Spot Mr. Minter, and win a bun.

19:55:50 I attempted to take a picture of myself. Forgetting my own constant warning about the delay on the camera, I ended up with a picture of my arm/chest.

21:41:27 In the superb Thames Tandoori now. In an attempt to get everyone present in a picture, I went for the passing the camera around the table strategy. I think this picture was taken by Harlequin.

21:41:49 This here is me, possibly taken by Mark.

21:42:18 Me and PVB, smashing bloke.

21:42:42 I bloody loved this t-shirt. Marvellous!

21:42:55 That's me there on the left hand side, and Harlequin on the right.

21:43:06 On the left we have Piku with his very nice phone, and centre of the shot is occupied by Rick (I think). Not sure if the c is Rick is required. Please advise.

21:43:22 The camera seems to be moving backwards around the table at this point in time. Not too sure what's going on.

21:43:38 There has to be at least a certain amount of finger saluting. It's obligatory.

21:44:03 Most of the table here. Smashing.

21:44:19 I've always been a fan of these "I'm taking you while you're taking me" sort of pictures. Nice.

21:44:44 Jeff and Piku and some other random people in the background.

21:44:51 Again, quite a lot of the table in here. Curious composition, but I guess that's to be expected!

21:45:09 I love the contrast between a vase of flowers and an offensive hand gesture here. Beautiful.

21:45:17 The instructions everyone around the table were given were simply to take a picture of whatever was in front of them. This may have been interpreted too literally.

21:45:21 The flash clearly went crazy at this point. Bad camera, bad!

21:45:33 Jeff, plus flowers, equals smashing.

21:45:42 A lot of hand movement here. Spectacular.

21:45:55 It's always good now and again to throw all the rules of photography somewhat gayly to the four winds.

21:46:18 There's something just great about this picture, which I can't put my finger on.

21:50:10 My brother Adrian, who sadly couldn't make it this evening, has been a long running fan of Jeff. It seemed only right in his absence to do something on his behalf.

21:52:20 The second sign, which I thought might be a bit cheeky to give to 'our Jeff. In any artform there is a piece of work which is genre defining, and yet for whatever reason did not get the credit it deserved. Terracide, a game my brother worked on, is a great example of this phenomenon. There's a small chance I might be biased, of course.

21:52:42 Still, if nothing else, certainly I can hold it up!

21:53:22 PVB was reasonably sure he'd played it, so seemed reasonably happy about holding up the sign.

21:54:23 It seemed that everyone was happy to jump on the Terracide loving bandwagon.

22:00:50 Here is irrefutable proof that the legendary games guru Jeff Minter thinks Terracide, written in part by my brother, was really good. Admittedly, he had never played it, or even heard of it, but I consider these to be relatively minor obstacles in the face of such a strong endorsement.

22:18:09 Back in the Welly now. Mark receiving a special edition of Gridrunner++.

22:19:30 Assorted folk in the Welly.

22:35:41 Mark on the conveyor belt at Waterloo station.

22:35:59 Me being stupid on the conveyor belt. Shortly afterwards we were told off by a well meaning Underground worker for taking these pictures. Apparently the flash interferes with the security cameras. Fair enough I guess. Oh well. Sorry!

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