Leon's Leaving Do

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A group of Leon's friends (and me) got together on Thursday 13th July 2000, in a Slug and Lettuce pub in central London to say goodbye to Leon, who was leaving the country for a couple of years to work in Japan and travel around the far east. These pictures were uploaded over three years after the event, having lurked in the dark recesses of my hard drive unseen for all that time. As such, the comments aren't very informative, as I couldn't actually remember the evening that well!

19:10:58 I liked the varying degrees of pink here, especially given is they went with the wall colour as well.

19:11:29 A close up on all that mauvey madness. Erm.

19:15:35 Well if it isn't Mags? And Leon seems to have almost criminally short hair.

19:21:49 I think this was my dinner, if anyone's interested.

19:21:59 Leon looking characteristically rascally.

19:52:57 Me from the back.

19:53:05 Leon, not taking any stick,

19:53:20 A pint of beer, and a wire basket full of matchboxes. Obviously.

19:53:50 There must have been something interesting about the advert on the back of this magazine, but the flash seems to have obscured whatever it was.

19:59:43 Leon looks a bit like he's holding court here.

20:09:20 Leon on the phone...

20:10:42 I don't think I took this picture.

20:10:55 Stuart (Stewart?)'s famous polka dot tie. According to urban legend, this was auctioned off on the tube on the way home.

20:19:10 An empty glass.

20:47:15 Gav! Trying to recreate the classic creamy substance around mouth area shot, it seems.

20:49:48 ...nicely done sir!

20:50:02 Yes, it's a real classic.

21:07:12 N, I believe.

21:19:21 General banter occurring.

21:21:21 Not sure I know the chap on the left hand side here.

22:02:08 Strangely washed out here.

22:02:15 Possibly the side of Jack's head, and I'm in the dimness in the background.

22:02:26 Yep, pretty sure that's Jack.

22:02:35 A respectable selection of glasses and bottles on the table.

22:02:51 Possibly a selft portrait from Gav here...?

22:03:38 I'm rather fond of my facial expression here, even if it does look slightly like I'm on the toilet.

22:04:42 A rather unsuaul angle.

22:05:45 A downright disgrace in composition terms.

22:09:04 Stuart and Gav, philosophising about something or other.

22:22:05 ...at the time this was a very nice phone.

22:24:08 Mags, all by herself.

22:38:05 I guess people are starting to leave by now then...

22:40:06 Ermmm....

22:52:25 No idea.

22:58:04 Gav finding something amusing...

22:59:09 ...possibly the fact Leon had clearly had a drink thrown on him. Can't remember who it was by - possibly Mags...?