Leon in Dorset

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Sunday 28th July 2002. I'd gone for the weekend to see Leon in Dorset, who had recently returned from the Far East. I'd taken my camera, but only bothered to take a few pictures on the Sunday, when we popped down to the sea. So, hardly any pictures, and not particularly interesting really!

16:53:15 I'd made Leon stop by the side of the road so I could take this picture. It seems to be two metal statues kissing. I think it must have looked more impressive in real life than in this picture!

17:37:43 After much nagging, Leon gave in and agreed to drive me down to the coast, so I could see the sea.

17:38:04 Leon seemingly didn't want to appear in any pictures.

17:39:13 Quite a nice picture really.

17:42:07 Leon paying tribute to the Japanese here clearly.

17:49:09 I'm sure a geologist would have something interesting to say about this...

17:50:24 ...and this, for that matter.