Leaving Do

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Friday 11th March 2005. The time had finally come for me to spread my wings and leave the company I'd been at for the last six or seven years. So the mandatory after work goodbye drink was held, and here are a set of (generally very bad!) pictures to remember it by.

18:44:17 A test picture of Rosie and Rich, to try and get the white balance right...

18:44:48 ...obviously I wasn't quite happy with the previous setting so opted for this instead. Neither are quite right really. But maybe if you merge the two you'll be about there.

18:45:46 David, James and Anthony discussing politics or something.

18:46:27 An attempt by Rich to use my camera. This prompted something of an assault from Rich on how unbearably slow to respond my camera is. The phrase "A bad workman always blames his tools" comes to mind!

18:46:57 Here's Russ, Trevor and me and an already notable amount of pint glasses.

18:47:50 Me and Kev.

19:38:51 A rather obscure picture of Russ.

19:39:30 A sequence of terrifying blue shots...

19:39:47 ...before I realised...

19:40:00 ....the settings were all wrong...

19:40:46 ...that's better.

19:41:18 Me and some beer, with Russ in the background. I kind of like this picture actually.

19:41:38 The old favourite picture through a pint glass... only this time the glass had beer in it, making the intended subject (me I think) much more difficult to see.

20:47:08 At the Indian restaurant now, me and Vanessa.

20:47:18 I think neither of us were happy with the first picture as we were looking far too glum. Not totally sure which is better!

20:49:20 Andy and Jim, who, if I'm not very much mistaken, appears to be on the phone.

20:49:29 A blurry view down the table, possibly representative of how drunk I was by this point!

21:20:32 My least favourite picture of me taken during the evening - I find it oddly frightening.

21:20:53 Marion seemed very determined to get herself out of shot, whilst David was very determined to get me into shot. Now that gives me a good idea for a new hat design...

21:21:33 Another blurry view down the table. It appears a certain amount of arm waving is occuring...

22:25:31 ...and another.

22:57:58 A great picture of "the boys" taken on our return to the pub after the curry.

22:59:54 A strange one to end on - Clare saying "Don't you dare put this picture on the web". Ooops.