Late Night Drinking in St. David's Hall

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On Saturday 11th May 2002, on the way back from London, I thought I'd pop in on some of my Japanese friends in St. David's Hall for a spot of late night drinking. Hardly any pictures here, but these are worth putting on the web for their significance - these are the last pictures ever taken with my second digital camera, which died rather tragically on the way home.

00:07:50 Here's Techan, me, and Hide, seemingly with something big in his mouth...?!

00:55:43 From left to right we have Techan, Hide, Tetsu, Ero-Ken and Yuko.

00:56:14 More or less the same picture, but me in it instead of Ero-Ken.

01:17:47 Techan getting some guitar practice and look - a bowl of edamame.

01:56:06 Me and Hide by the lockers.

02:46:05 I was oddly fascinated by this picture. It wasn't until afterwards I learnt the daft nature of it. Apparently it is advocating that the ideal height difference between a man and a woman is 10cm. How strange. I guess I must have gone home shortly after this. Odd to think this is the last picture ever taken by this camera.