Korean Restaurant

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On Bank Holiday Monday, 27th August 2003, we went into London to meet up with some of Chie's friends for a trip to Myung Ga, the Korean restaurant just off Regent's Street.

17:40:55 When we first got to the restaurant, they were a bit busy, so while we waited for a table, we popped round the corner for a quick half. I think this pub is called The Blue Posts.

17:41:09 This may be the only time I've ever been photographed drinking from a half pint glass...! In fact, we all had halves, although Yoshimi could have easily managed a pint in the time the rest of us took to drink ours.

17:41:32 Junchan takes over the camera, so we can get Chie in the picture. You may notice Chie and Yoshimi have their little fingers sticking out - this is apparently correct etiquette when drinking half pints.

18:56:39 In the restaurant now, Shingo and Junchan are digging into Korean style Yakiniku.

18:57:01 Yoshimi and Chie, with slightly odd lighting.

19:34:56 Me and Shingosan doing kanpai with a Korean drink whose name I don't remember.

19:59:42 Shingo, Junchan, Yoshimi and Chie over the other side of the table.

20:23:52 My Japanese dinner companions again.

21:54:33 At the end of the meal, just before leaving... this is really terribly composed! I blame that strange Korean alcohol we were drinking (a bit like Japanese Sho-chu).

21:55:31 Outside the restaurant before heading home. Me and Yoshimi seem to have adopted rather strange, and even slightly dodgy looking poses, for no good reason.