Chie was reading a Japanese guide book for Hampstead a little while ago, and happened to notice that Karl Marx is in fact buried not too far away from where I live, somewhat ironically in one of the richest areas in Europe. Still, given that I have recently gained something of an interest in him, largely through my younger brother, I thought I ought to take a look. So out we (myself and Chie) set, on a cold Sunday afternoon (26th November 2000) to see what we could find.

12:33:19: First picture, taken just as we got onto the Heath, here at the top of Parliament Hill.

12:40:53: Chie, looking like she's trying to hold the sky up. There's a great view across London from here.

12:41:26: It was perfect kite flying weather! Here's me looking pretty windswept.

12:49:31: Over the other side of the Heath, going passed some of the ponds.

12:54:10: Not sure what this strange expression is all about, but I kind of like it :)

13:05:09: A church in Highgate, the other side of Hampstead Heath from me.

13:24:00: Lord Waterlow (?) In Waterlow Park.

13:27:02: A sundial in Waterlow Park. I think the time on it was about right, but you can't really see from this picture...

13:31:54: Chie was a bit afraid of these cages! There were big fat pigeons (po-po-po-po) and Crows inside.

13:32:53: Some interesting wood sculptures out on the lawns.

13:36:14: Trying to get the self timer working I inadvertantly took a picture of my chest... we've all done it haven't we?

13:36:37: Well its a bit off centre but I really like this one...

13:38:08: Ok well thats a bit better in terms of centering.

13:44:41: Errr not a lot of point to this one... I wanted to take a picture of what we could see from the bench we were sitting on, but given that it was a bit bland...

13:54:07: This is in HighGate Cemetery now (East)... Hmmm seems a bit morbid spending an afternoon in the cemtery, but it's really quite dramatic...

13:59:15: ...Of course this was what we were really here for - the final resting place of Comrade Marx.

13:59:50: Here's the inscription up close - you can make out most of the words quite clearly thanks to my camera (yea ok, I'll shut up about it now).

14:00:12: Karl head on. Note how all the flowers are red!

14:17:12: Elsewhere in the cemtery... It is really quite huge.

14:23:48: One last look at Karl Marx before leaving.

14:29:13: Here's the gates to the cemetery on the way out.

14:50:41: On the way back to my flat, going back over the Heath.

14:51:06: Chie being daft :)

14:56:07: Took this picture on the highest resolution - I wanted to see how much detail I could get of that skyline. Take a look up close - you can see the Millenium Eye, St. Paul's and the BT tower.