Junchan's Graduation

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Thursday 17th December 2002. Junchan very kindly invited me to the ceremony marking her graduation from one of her Cordon Bleu courses, held in Claridge's. Naturally I snapped up the opportunity! Unfortunately my camera was giving me a really hard time all evening, refusing to co-operate, and so many of the pictures were a bit disappointing (especially the first few). Still, I had a lovely time regardless, and it was a great chance to talk to a load of very interesting people I'd probably never have met otherwise.

19:15:10 It's a real shame I messed up these first few pictures, as some of them would have been really nice. Anyway, this is me, Junchan's friend (whose name I don't remember - sorry!) and Junchan. Junchan's friend here is apparently a professional basketball player! (Or was that volleyball..?)

20:54:23 Looks like we're on our dessert course already by this point! Again, a shame I didn't get the camera settings right and messed this up - it could have been a really nice picture!

20:54:52 Junchan's friend's friend on the left here, who I sat next to during dinner, came from Croatia, I think. We had a very interesting conversation about the former Yugoslavian countries.

20:56:10 Oh, I wish I'd sorted the camera out properly!

20:57:12 Finally I made some kind of adjustment to the camera (maybe just turned the flash on), and from now on the pictures are much sharper, if a little gloomy in the background.

21:39:54 Junchan going up to receive her certificates, and be congratulated by all the chefs.

21:40:03 ...a bit too dark here!

21:40:42 The camera was really giving me a hard time today. I think this is one of Junchan's favourite chefs with her here...

21:44:45 Junchan's friends receiving their certificates.

21:44:54 ...and getting the handshakes etc from the chefs...

21:51:42 A reasonably nice group picture, although Junchan wasn't paying attention and I was looking pretty rediculous!

21:52:06 ...that's a bit better!

21:52:14 I think camera flashes were coming in from all angles!

22:09:20 Junchan with an assortment of Cordon Bleu people.

22:11:47 We went on a little tour around the dining room, with me acting as Junchan's photogrpaher, trying to get pictures of her and all her favourite Cordon Bleu people...

22:14:15 ...and I don't remember any of their names! I think this is (one of) her favourite chef(s) again.

22:16:14 ...although I think I've seen this chap on the telly... Probably about the only picture that really came out properly, as the wall behind Junchan and the chef chap stopped all the usual gloominess problems.

22:18:05 Looks like the camera has started to misbehave a bit again. Luckily all of these pictures were doubled up, and hopefully the ones on Junchan's camera came out a bit better than mine!

22:20:00 A rather nicely framed picture of Junchan and another of the chefs, standing in the doorway to the dining room.

22:23:04 Another friend (or staff member, or both) whose name I don't remember!

22:33:54 Junchan wanted a picture under the chandelier...

22:34:53 Me and Junchan (with her eyes closed!). I think more or less everyone had gone home by this point...