The Jazz Club

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An evening at The Jazz Club, Reading, Saturday 24th November 2001, to celebrate Jill's (girlfriend of Mike from work's) Birthday.

21:54:21 Chie and Kanako, on our way out of St. David's Hall.

21:54:38 ...the same again, but badly lit.

21:54:51 ...the same again but even worse lighting still!

00:06:43 In the Jazz Club now, and look, it's already after midnight!

00:08:37 Anthony there, just in shot.

00:09:03 Jill, whose birthday it was, and some of her friends.

00:09:09 Rachel, who used to work at Softel when I started there, and some people I don't know.

00:09:16 No-one seems to want to be in this one.

00:11:38 Jill and friends again.

00:13:48 Graham, amazingly not looking too unhappy about having his picture taken, and Mike on the right hand side looking very smooth indeed.

00:13:58 Same sort of thing again more or less.

00:16:04 Jill and Mike looking very pleased with a successful evening.

00:16:37 Mike and the legendary James Westland Cain, who also used to work at Softel when I first started.

00:18:32 Chie and Kanako, being cute.

00:25:09 Mike being introduced to the "picture with Japanese women" phenomenon,

00:25:15 This would appear to be a picture of Mike's crotch area.

00:25:26 Mike taking advantage of another opportunity to have a picture taken with the girls. It would be interesting to compare hand sizes here.

00:28:52 James and Rachel, looking a bit tired.

00:29:52 James and Rachel again (perhaps they weren't happy with the first one?).

00:31:27 Me and Graham, looking very sweet.

00:32:49 ...same again.

00:34:30 Anthony and Anthony's other half, whose name I can't recall.

00:36:56 Chie, looking sweet.

00:41:46 Kanako talking to Dilys.

00:42:19 Anthony appears to be sitting on Mike's knee there.

01:19:18 Chie identifying herself clearly as number eleven.

01:25:11 Have I fallen asleep?

01:25:46 A bit of origami to round off the proceeedings nicely.