Japanese Food

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Sunday 15th June 2003. A few pictures from a day spent buying, and then eating, Japanese food.

14:54:04 In Oriental City, Chie tucks into some ramen, which if I remember correctly she really enjoyed.

14:54:20 Me enjoying my vegetable tempura bento washed down with some lovely Asahi beer.

18:19:31 Back at home, oddly a picture of Chie cleaning her car!

18:19:57 ...not sure she's really got the right equipment for the job.

20:00:10 Here's our dinner, not too heavy as we'd eaten a decent sized lunch fairly late, and besides it was quite a warm day, so I didn't have too much of an appetite. One of the nice things about Japanese food is you can have a whole meal cold, perfect for the summer months.

20:00:19 A survey of the table. In the middle a plate of inari sushi. In the top right hand corner a bowl of kimchi (korean spicy pickled cabbage), below it a bottle of sake (cold), a tube of wasabi and some soy sauce. Back over to the left hand side, a plate of umeboshi maki sushi, and below that some fresh tofu. Also, to the right of the tofu, a small plate with pickled ginger on.

20:11:53 Appropriately, we were watching Adam and Joe Go Tokyo (a recording I think) whilst eating.