Jam Session at Tom's House

A jam session, or whatever you call it, at Tom's house on Sunday 29th September 2002.

20:56:42 Introducing Mr. Tom Rowan on lead guitar and Mr. Robert Iain William Hamish Goatshit Lang on Bass!

20:56:53 We were doing a bluegrass set at one point, which apparently necessitated rolled up trouser legs. It seemed imporant to get my legs into shot. Nice sock detail there. Note also vegetarian shoe.

20:58:38 Introducing Mr. John Hawkins (that's me that is) on keyboard / percussion. I had never really played a keyboard before in my life. Luckily this had a load of presets and my job was little more complicated than pressing start and stop. But I did it with soul.

20:58:45 Well, I can at least pretend to be pressing some of the buttons, can't I? In fact, I did occasionally "fill in" some of the presets a bit, and I could see the guys were visibly impressed by my natualy sense of rhythm and flare for melody. No, really.

21:01:47 Tom, does that one go up to eleven?

21:14:45 Mr. Rowan clearly doing some kind of solo. Rob's term for this was "guitar wanking". Nice.

21:14:52 Mr. Lang's solo. Superb facial accompaniment there Rob, well done sir.

21:32:34 This must be something a bit more mellow. Perhaps some jazz. But note the trouser leg is still rolled up, so there'll be some undoubted Bluegrass nuances.

21:32:44 Clearly all that strumming is hard work, and Rowanboy with his swanky zebra striped guitar needs a rest.

21:33:01 A keyboard's eye view of Rob. Those funny speaker things on the corner of Tom's keyboard look a tiny bit like the surface of the moon.

21:56:43 Rob said this was very rock and roll. I thought it was a bit unhygienic, especially as I had a cold, and it's not my keyboard. Sorry Tom!

21:56:50 Hmmm.... It's not quite Elton John playing the piano with his feet though is it?

22:10:04 Every good band needs a van. Apparently even bad ones do as well. Rob's van is absolutely bloody ideal.

22:16:37 A none too flattering self portrait of myself (not sure what I mean there by "of myself", I mean, what kind of self portrait is not of yourself) with Tom in the background, on the way to get pizza.

22:20:46 OI! Rowan! Get in the van!

22:27:12 On the way back from the pizza place now I assume. How odd.