Iguana / Turtle

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Thursday 15th July 1999. A night out at the Iguana followed by a trip to the Purple Turtle. These pictures were recovered and finally uploaded to the web again properly several years after the event, the mosaic above having been the only remainder during the interim. Now you can see these pictures again in their full glory. These pictures are quite significant, as they are the first time I took my own digital camera on a proper night out, so in a sense these pictures set the precedent for all the boozy antics to follow over the coming years.

21:37:00 Here's Andy kicking off the proceedings with what looks to have been a White Rabbit.

21:37:17 I seem to have opted for red drink - possibly an Italian Sundae.

22:16:56 Very blurred picture of the bar.

22:17:22 Less blurred picture of the bar. Nice lighting in here.

22:17:58 Less blurred, and with less people in the way!

22:19:43 ...sems to be pretty much the same thing again.

22:21:56 Andy plus Andy's friend.

22:22:31 Andy plus Andy's friend, plus flash.

22:30:41 Andy bringing more drinks.

23:05:21 Me sucking with some determination.

23:05:32 ...and again.

23:06:17 Andy also sucking with determination.

23:07:27 Seemingly a view taken from the window of the Iguana.

23:08:24 The same again, but with a bit of window frame in, perhaps to make absolutely clear it is in fact a picture taken through a window.

23:09:04 Bits of assorted people getting in the way of the camera.

23:30:44 Looks like we've moved onto the Purple Turtle. Here's me with what seems to be a bottle of Sol, taken at a rather unpleasant angle.

23:31:06 Me again, slightly less unpleasant than the previous one.

23:31:34 This is Michelle something or other. The non-Paranoid one, as she used to be classified. I believe she was telling me she'd got a job with a law firm or something.

23:44:19 In fact, Arthur Andersen, it would seem.

00:02:02 Andy and a Mediterranean friend of his who was very nice, but whose name I don't recall.

00:02:46 That woman again, who appears to be drinking Metz.

00:49:03 We also managed to befriend these two chaps, who if I recall correctly were Spanish.

00:58:34 Andy plus another of his friends, who I didn't know.

00:59:15 Me, along with two people who were in effect complete strangers.

00:59:49 Someone getting in the way of the shot it seems.

01:00:05 Almost too dark to see!

01:01:34 I think something needed to be done about the flash, etc.

01:28:06 Nope, I can barely make anything out at all!

01:28:41 Well... slightly better. Still very dark though!

01:32:17 Nope, not a chance.

01:55:13 This seems to be inside somewhere or other... Perhaps on the way back through the Turtle.

01:57:46 Seems to be Andy here.

01:58:21 Aha! I must have discovered the flash! What a revelation!

01:58:50 Back outside, our new found friends are properly identifiable now.

02:00:24 Interesting profile.

02:05:20 I think this is on the way home now.

02:05:38 General larking about seems to be occurring.

02:05:55 A sudden onslaught of Pointing has occurred.

02:15:07 People's backs...


02:22:54 Err.... too dark!

02:28:35 Assorted roadside paraphernalia (no idea how to spell that), and lots of peace signs.

02:30:16 Seems to be the last picture. We never met our new found friends again, depsite an albeit shaky plan to go for beers again the following evening. Ho, hum.