Ian's Barbeque

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The night Ian invited a few people from work round to his house for a barbeque, Saturday 31st August 2002.

20:00:35 In Ian's back garden, which was very nice. Barry here is messing about with a camera, whilst a very short haired Mike watches him.

20:00:50 Jason, who used to work for us, and Steverino who still does.

20:01:00 One of Ian's friends whose name I don't recall.

20:04:28 A bit of Mike, all of Jason and Steve, plus a bit of Jeanette.

20:04:41 Another of Ian's friends, whose name I also don't remember.

21:04:09 Barry performs some classic oggy raiding from Ian's very nice apple tree. Also quite special for the sheer rarity of getting Ian in a picture.

22:34:00 We must have left by this point. I think this is at Earley station - Jeanette, Mike and Barry.

22:34:10 The same again... Not Mike's can of 6X. Nice.

22:34:25 ...and Barry very kindly offering to take a picture with me in.

22:49:43 At Reading, we went our seperate ways - me on to Pangbourne, and the rest of them to Newbury. However, seemingly our trains were coming in at opposite platforms...

22:51:16 ...or were they just trying to get to the vending machines...?