19:20 Gratuitous chip theft is occurring.

19:25 Evil Matt starting as he means to go on...

19:28 I say! You're most terribly badly lit.

19:28 And so the litany of bad lighting conditions continues. Thankfully, only Baldricks's face was obscured in this instance, so no great loss.

19:36 The much awaited "Bynie with meat" shot. A bit of a disappointment, really.

19:37 Whilst buying a round, several of us tried pushing the bar, and this door most definitely did not open.

19:37 Matt applies some kind of condiment with all the vigour of a serial killer.

19:49 Don't pretend you're happy boys, no-one will buy it.

19:49 Few people have ever been described a gin and tonic monster. Rob may well be among the first.

19:51 To the tune of just about anything: Andy, mister Andy, mister A-a-a-a-a-a-andy. Erm.

19:59 It's conclusive: Byrnie does eat peas.

20:00 The blurriness here is just unacceptable.

20:00 The lack of chandeliers is little short of devastating.

20:01 Evil Matt so evil he seems to have caused Byrnie to become horribly compressed, as though the victim of a terrible diving accident.

20:02 Rob, with the bouncer who gave him hassle on the way in, which, in retrospect, was almost certainly a joke.

20:05 Rob demonstrating how his skin magically ripples away to avoid attacks from steak knives. Note this does not work with bread knives or fish knives, however is at least moderately effective with butter knives and the sort of craft knives used by people who do "quilling".

20:11 Rob lining them up.

20:17 A table with some glasses on it.

20:17 The same table, with mostly the same glasses.

20:17 Yea, well done.

20:17 This is getting dull now.


20:28 A simulation of how well Rob could see by this point.

20:28 Had the camera been moved around a little more, we could have written hiragana.

20:30 Dwain, Justin, Rob and Baldrick looking deceptively happy.

20:30 Fish is in the middle. If only his nickname was piggy there'd be some point to that statement.

20:33 Nice to try that again without really unnecessary blurriness.

20:33 Look! A Klingon!

20:50 Oh this is just crap.

20:52 The whole table compound enclave thing.

20:52 There's a flock of geese under the table at this point, but no-one noticed.

20:52 Interestingly, if you project each person's line of sight in this picture you get a perfect isocoles triangle.

20:56 Byrnie reading a Japanese book that was inexplicably on the bookshelf. If anyone knows how this got here, please let us know!

21:01 Justin sadly lost three fingers at this point.


21:11 Rob on his twenty seventh G & T.

21:18 I've not seen hands that blurry since the days of Daley Thompson's Decathlon. If you understand that gag, don't admit it.

21:16 John with an infeasible stack of empties. Byrnie does the standard.

21:18 Rob is still more or less intact.

21:18 Rob beginning to disintegrate.

21:20 Marvellous surprise panpipe manoeuvre. Well executed sir.

21:34 Look at the size of Dwain's jug.

21:21 Rob, half pint.

21:34 Good grief sir, it's a biggun.

21:34 Oh yay, for it is large.

21:36 Look! Women!

21:36 Marvellous worried expression from Byrnie here.

21:37 The kind of seating configuration suitable for piloting an interplanetary vessel. Whose occupants we may or may not be calling. Quite extraordinary, etc.

21:42 Rob, mid metamorphosis.

21:42 He's about to turn into Justin.

21:49 Well done sir!

21:52 Everyone can enjoy the pleasures of DIY panpipes.

21:55 I say, is your wife a goer?

21:55 Let's get lots of stuff in the way then.

21:55 Grrr blurry grrr monkey.

22:02 Mirth enjoyed during the Gasson text message barrage incident, which was in no way John's idea, honest.

22:03 Marvellous facial expressions abound.

22:17 Very greeny coloured here. This wins the prize for the picture most likely taken during a murder being planned.

22:17 The flock of geese are now on their way out, but sadly just out of shot.

22:17 Is your name not Andy? That's going to cause a bit of confusion...

22:23 Evil Matt's t-shirt is clearly designed to make people looking at him through rear-view mirrors think his name is Tim.

22:25 As if Rob would notice even if he was looking right at you, Justin!

22:28 Anna giving us a brief insight into her and Ben's mating rituals.

22:29 Everyone looks a bit plasticeney.

22:32 Blurry rubbish glrupth.

22:32 Errrrr...?

22:33 A scene from 2001: A Space Oddysey....?

22:57 Dwain seems much better at staying in focus than everyone else. Not sure if there's a metaphor to be found there or not.

22:59 Contrived group picture.

23:14 Sorry Rob, but you really need to be reminded of the state you were in!

23:20 Byrnie wearing Rob's coat.

23:20 Not sure why it was necessary to get a picture of the back as well, but there you go.

23:21 Ooooh blue toilet paper and everything.

23:23 It's all a bit dark really.

23:24 St. Mary's Butts by night. Clearly time now to go home and randomly watch Evil Dead 3.