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Sunday 15th August 2004. A day out in and around Hereford with Robin and Vera.

13:46:50 We started off at the Bistro in Left Bank Village. This is Vera's duck related lunch.

13:47:02 My very nice capaletti with porcini and truffles. The sauce was creamy, but with a hint of balsamic vinegar, which worked really well.

13:47:09 Robin's lunch - I can't remember what this was exactly!

15:13:35 Hereford Cathedral through the trees.

15:13:46 As before.

15:55:55 Kilpeck Church.

15:56:21 Kilpeck Church.

15:57:55 The door of Kilpeck Church.

15:58:23 The church again.

15:58:28 ...and again.

15:59:00 ...and again.

16:54:18 A spot of tea in a country house in the middle of nowhere.

16:55:26 Lovely!