Ha! Ha!

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Thursday 4th December 2003. A few pictures from a meal in Ha! Ha! with a few people from work.

21:33:37 Kev here has got a fairly run of the mill beer, possibly Kirin, whereas David is drinking a violently expensive bottle of Duvel. Getting on for a tenner a bottle.

21:33:57 Me, unconvincingly threatening Simon a la standard.

21:34:23 Jeremy and Hua, not sure how to spell that.

21:52:29 Jeremy and Hua so offended by me taking a picture of them that they decide to up sticks and leave.

22:02:07 Me, sneering a bit.

22:02:25 Me, looking a bit demented with some bits of paper.

22:27:37 An interesting collection of facial expressions displayed here.

22:28:29 Erm, that appears to be it really.