10:38 Chie chats to Corina in the parent's waiting room.

10:42 Let's try that again without so much blur...

11:39 Hide and Corina waiting patiently for the graduation ceremony to begin.

11:44 No-one hides from Hide's camera. (I'm sure there's a pun in there somewhere).

11:16 The graduands marching in. I was a bit embarassed to use the flash, so consequently this was pretty blurry.

11:26 Can you identify all of these people purely from the back of their heads?

11:17 More backs of people's heads. Here the ceremony appears to be beginning.

12:36 During the ceremony...

12:05 The graduates filing out - although it's a bit blurry you can just about make out Chie here.

12:09 The start of an endless barrage of photography.

12:29 I think this is everyone who finished the four year course.

12:32 Hmmm can't really make out too many faces - ought to be a bit closer.

12:41 I didn't think I was standing too far back at the time.

12:18 Oh well...

12:49 Hmmm I was very trigger happy at this point clearly!

12:54 Already on to the seventh picture of the same group of people!

12:58 Chie and her Mum, who must have been very proud!

13:27 Corina, Chie and me taking a rare opportunity to get the other side of the camera...

13:55 Corina and Kanako.

13:01 An assortment of girls from the City course.

13:00 Ayako and Erina.

13:05 ...and the same again...

13:14 Lots of people generalling milling about now.

13:08 Akisan!

13:15 The City course students taking a while to assemble for a picture.

13:32 Just missing Junchan...

13:38 ...and again...

13:52 As the official cameraman wasn't doing anything, I thought I'd seize the opprtunity to get a picture head on rather than from the side.

13:47 Hmmm still pretty much the same.

13:13 An experimental angle... Not particularly successful!

13:17 The graduation attendees, all frenziedly taking pictures of each other.

13:21 What a nice campus!

13:26 More people and greenery.

13:18 Chie trying to phone Junchan I think.

13:21 Hmmm...

13:22 Ah, I think Junchan is there now...

13:51 Graduation cliche photograph number 2!

13:00 Plus the same again.

13:48 Chie with her tutor and her Mum.

13:15 Chie and Kato.

13:49 Chie and Matsuno Junchan.

13:42 Lots of girls...

13:53 ...fabulous...

13:25 Hmmm another unsuccessful angle experiment... Well I kind of like it anyway.

13:02 More people basically...

13:13 ...more...

13:41 ...and more...

13:51 ...and more...

13:42 Tetsu, Chie and Hide.

13:48 Kazu joins the three, can't remember what they were lauging about but I like this one anyway.

13:56 Looking a bit more serious now!

13:26 Yoshimi joins in too to make a complete St. George's picture.

13:19 Chie a bit too close up!

13:28 I particularly like this one - Chie looks very sweet, plus Tetsu is looking pretty cool in the background.

13:09 Another big group picture.

13:17 Same people again...

13:46 I got a chance to be in a picture again...

13:18 ...soon after a load more people joined in...

13:55 Chie opening her prize (highest grade!) with her Mum.

13:18 Nani desu ka?

13:10 Me modelling Chie's prize - a carriage clock.

13:08 People off in the distance.

13:11 Erina and Techan.

13:46 Jez and Masashi.

13:14 Some of the Cotton Club staff waiting for the rest to come and join in the picture...

13:29 Where's Hiroshi then?

13:01 Ah - there he is!

13:03 The complete Cotton Club workforce.

13:13 ...and again...

13:01 Last picture!