20:32 Tomo drinks through the funnel to the tune of binda binda.

20:46 Not sure of the significance of the "prowresu" shorts here.

20:48 Many tomodatchi in danger of falling over eachother.

20:55 Tomochan seems to be still going under the funnel.

20:27 A view from the head of the table downwards.

21:49 Is that Kazu there?

21:16 Note Hiroshi's surgeons gloves here. Nice.

21:36 Haruka reeling from the last iky iky.

21:10 Clapping and general merriment seems to be occurring.

21:46 Hiroshi posing wonderfully between each beer.

21:58 Nice!

21:06 Plus another one.

21:15 Lots of people's backs, not that marvellous.

21:23 I might have been on a chair for this one.

21:49 Chie and Hayashisan (hope I got that right...?).

21:32 Dale and a host of other onlookers look, errr, on, at something.

21:02 Marvellous wavy people.

21:34 Hiroshi was mummified inexplicably at some point.

21:44 Part way through an audition for The Mummy Returns (again)...?

21:25 Girls, girls, girls.

21:00 I like the way Dale is just about peeping through here.

21:17 Lurverly.

21:57 Something complicated is clearly being discussed here.

21:07 Techan clapping at no-one in particular.

21:26 Mmmm... errr...

21:12 Hiroshi still has his gloves at least.

21:32 The kind of picture that is soon to become a rarity... sob...

21:22 Prowresu Tomo insanely drinks an entire pitcher of beer in one go.

21:27 It's a bit of a spectacle.

21:52 Harukakun, Kanako and Chie.

21:02 John (wisely drinking Guinness and very slowly) Kanako and Haruka.

21:01 The back of Junchan's head.

21:13 The side of Tomochan's head (not prowresu Tomo obviously).

21:57 Just after Techan kicked Tomochan in the belly.

21:06 You wouldn't mess with him.

21:12 Fantastic!

22:10 Someone had got inexplicably stuck in a bin.

22:10 Towards the end now... everyone getting a bit emotional!

22:17 It was pretty upsetting really.

22:22 One of Gyosei's lecturers trying to lighten the mood with the megaphone.

22:19 Hiroshi said he didn't really like using the megaphone, but he was the best man for the job. Marvellous.

22:47 We all need megaphones immediately, they are great.

22:47 Lots...of...girls...

22:10 Girls plus the corner of a pool table.

22:57 Chie, Junchan, Kanako, Hiromu et al a bit closer up.

22:19 The queue of camera waiting to take a group picture.

22:26 Hiromu and Junchan being odd.

22:05 Hide and Hiroshi doing gambatte.

22:05 Kanako kissing Chie better (she had a poorly stomach).

22:33 More people looking quite upset.

22:39 Yep, it was a real tear jerker!