Glastonbury 2004 - Saturday

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The day the rain came. Spent the morning and early afternoon hiding in our tent, and then eventually braved the elements for Keane around three o clock, which was well woth it. In the evening, following the obligatory Square Pie, we were entertained byu Jamie Cullum, followed by a bit of Basement Jaxx, then a bit of Paul McCartney.

09:15:41 Just as the 5 day weather forecasts had predicted, Saturday it rained. Whilst Chie was still snoozing in the morning, I thought I'd knock up a bite to eat.

09:44:40 Yes, sausages and beans for breakfast. Very nice it was too.

15:27:43 As the rain was pretty persistent, and there wasn't really anything on we wanted to see, we stayed in the tent until about three-ish in the afternoon, when we finally decided to head out.

15:30:17 I think I just wanted to show general puddly wetness here.

15:45:17 Rain, waterproofs, mud.

15:55:39 Here we are watching Keane, the band that persuaded us to get out of our tent and brave the wet weather. Having had initially mixed feelings about their album, following their set here I can feel myself developing something of a fondness for them.

16:26:08 After Keane, we met up with David and Simon again to head off to the real ale tent. This took a while, given the sudden high volume of people everywhere.

16:35:13 On the way, we were entertained by this strange elephant van thing, which was, errr, nice.

16:39:18 Everybody's friend Michael Eavis happened to be wandering past at this point too. Couldn't quite manage a picture of his front, so this is the back of his head... which is then partly obscured by someone else's head. Genius.

16:40:27 Here's a random picture of me, David and Simon.

16:42:24 Another even more botched attempt to get a picture of Michael Eavis (he's over to the right hand side and almost entirely obscured by the woman in the blue top - you can just about see some of his right arm, and a bit of his ear).

17:03:45 Outside the Real Ale tent, where we enjoyed a couple of pints of Admiral's something or other.

17:05:13 Chie seemingly not enjoying the beer and great outdoors as much as the rest of us!

18:33:45 I decided it was time to drag Simon and David along for a Square Pie.

18:41:33 A pie's eye view of Chie, eating another pie. Err.

18:53:03 Chie from a distance - there wasn't room on the bench I was sitting on.

19:07:38 Happily pied up, we decided to wander in the direction of Joss Stone.

19:23:06 A picture of me and Chie which I find mildly frightening (because of me that is, not Chie!).

19:23:54 While waiting for Joss Stone to start, I made some temporary friends, who were jolly nice.

19:29:10 I think this is in the crowd whilst watching Joss Stone. Chie seems to be doing a marvellous job of sleeping whilst standing up.

19:43:18 A very bad picture of the stage, with Joss Stone on it.

19:43:47 ...another equally bad picture of the stage.

19:53:09 Some muddy boots.

20:13:08 After a few songs from Joss Stone, me and Chie decided to go for a wander and try to find some hot chocolate. On the way I couldn't resist yet another picture of those flags.

20:34:22 Erm, not too sure what the point of this picture is - probably just trying to get in the view or something.

20:40:47 It didn't take long to find that hot chocolate, and me and Chie had a very nice few minutes sitting on discarded boxes drinking our respective hot drinks (I'd opted for an espresso).

21:05:11 After our brief sojourn for hot beverages, we decided to return to the Jazz World stage for Jamie Cullum. En route, two blokes were sitting in bins, which I thought made for a great photo opportunity.

21:13:46 Whilst waiting for Jamie Cullum to start, some people had put together a makeshift game of cricket. How very English!

21:16:22 A not too great picture of Jamie Cullum on stage.

21:48:09 A slightly better picture of Jamie, unfortunately however he was playing a guitar at this point, which make him far less recognisable.

21:53:04 Really awful.

22:23:28 Well, a nice picture of the crowd, if nothing else.

22:36:18 Jamie was standing on his piano, and I was determined to get a decent picture of him at this point, but was somewhat beset by people's arms...

22:36:27 ...not to mention my general inability to take decent pictures in this sort of situation...

22:36:48 ...However this one I am immensely proud of. Here we have Jamie Cullum mid-air! The slight delay on my camera meant that I had actually taken this while he was still on the piano, and hadn't even realised he was about to jump. This is the first time my camera's delay has actually made a picture better!

22:39:19 Jamie Cullum's set must have finished now then. A pointless picture of some sound people fiddling about with equipment.

23:00:04 After Jamie Cullum, we popped over to the Other Stage to watch a bit of Basement Jaxx. This seemed to provoke both me and Chie into a highly unusual state of dancing, which was surprisingly enjoyable.

23:45:33 We then wandered over to see some of Paul McCartney - it's one of those things you just feel like you have to do, I suppose.

23:45:58 Err... can't really make much out here.

23:46:45 Chie, looking a bit tired.

23:47:21 I wanted to show off my tie. Even I didn't know why I was wearing it - it had just appeared in my bag somehow, and it felt like the right thing to do.

23:54:37 The pyramid stage...

23:55:21 some fireworks! Quite pleased with this one.

23:55:25 Fireworks again...

23:55:29 ...and again.

01:28:06 Back at our tent now, I felt a bit peckish, so decided to fire up the old camp stove again... I thought I'd have a go at taking a picture of it without the flash on, but the results were a bit disappointing to be honest!

01:28:31 Same again but with the flash on.

01:46:19 It was French Onion soup if I recall correctly.... and very nice too!