Glastonbury 2004 - Friday

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The day the sun actually shone a bit. We spent quite a lot of today with Steve and Michelle. Watched a pretty random assortment of bands including Nelly Furtado, Elbow, Groove Armada and a bit of Lamb.

07:23:19 I find the first night of camping is always the least comfortable, so after a not-too satisfactory sleep, I awoke early and decided to make a trek to the toilets... Chie, as you can see here, was clearly very enthusiastic to come along too.

07:43:43 At the toilets, who should we bump into, but Steve and Michelle! It turns out they had chosen to camp in the next field to us. Here Michelle is proudly holding up her schedule for the weekend, which she'd printed out and brought with her. Bless.

11:43:12 We'd spent the morning wandering around the site with Steve and Michelle, but frustratingly as soon as I'd got more than a short walk away from our tent, my camera's batteries ran out. Eventually I decided I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself without a functional camera, so I decided to make the long walk back to the tent to get some more. Whilst there, I picked up a bite to eat for an early lunch, some left over pasta, which we ate in the cinema field.

11:45:14 Whilst in the cinema field some kind of earthworks were taking place, which seemed interesting enough at the time to merit a photo. However pointless it is, I'm actually rather fond of it.

12:00:08 I guess I just wanted a picture of the crowds. It also serves to show how nice the paths were before everywhere got covered in mud!

12:24:39 Right, so here we've met up with Steve and Michelle again, for a beer and to watch some band or other, that if I recall correctly never really turned up.

13:08:17 Chie having a little snooze in the sun. Also note the random Japanese girl to her left, with a towel covering her face.

13:08:32 Can't remember which band this was in the end... Clearly I wasn't particularly inspired!

13:08:51 People, a bar, a frog on a stick. The usual sort of thing.

13:49:43 An early examination of the extent to which I was suffering from hat-hair. The verdict: could be worse.

14:12:18 As a kind of second lunch, we thought we'd have a go at a Canadian pancake, as Chie had a hankering for maple syrup. Quite nice actually, although a bit overpriced for what it was, even by festival standards.

14:44:23 Chie and I decided to wander over to the pyramid stage to watch Nelly Furtado.

14:44:50 Me and Chie looking... well.... odd really.

14:57:01 It was very sunny, so we had constructed a complicated shelter structure, out of my bag and some newspapers. It seems this image went a bit dodgy. Perhaps we can blame the heat for this one.

14:57:16 No idea why I took this one.

15:59:40 A bit later on and here we have met up with David, Simon et al, for... err some other band I think. Might have been Elbow.

16:17:02 Yes this does look like Elbow, and here's David fast asleep.

16:17:26 The drummer from Elbow on the big screen behind the sound stage. If I recall correctly he was concentrating really hard.

17:25:43 Between bands me and Chie popped off to find dinner number 1 (or was it lunch 3?). This time we opted for a spot of tempura.

17:54:44 Back at the Pyramid Stage now, where we met up with Michelle and Steve again to watch Groove Armada.

20:20:35 Seemingly after watching Groove Armada, me and Chie decided to try on some hats.

20:20:54 This was a bit too small in fairness, but I still couldn't help but think the foppish landowner look was really working for me.

20:21:39 Chie looking very cute in a Sherlock Holmes-esque deer stalker.

21:53:16 Later we'd gone to the Avalon field to watch Lamb. Unfortunately the tent was full to capacity and we couldn't get anywhere near, so instead lurked around outside a bit. We were treated to a nice sunset over Cafe Avalon, however.

21:53:34 A bit more of the sunset.

22:31:48 On the way back to our tent (deliberately not watching Oasis, I might add) we decided to go for a veggie burger (dinner 2) from Blue Moon. Quite nice actually.