Bond and Beyond 2 - Gav's Party

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It's a Bond party, honest. To mark Gav's birthday, on Saturday August 2nd 2003, myself, Chie, Leon and Yukari, as well as a cast of other people, descended on Gav's house, dressed dubiously in James Bond related costumes for the somewhat predictable ritual of getting drunk, and pissing about a lot.

As an extra bonus, here's a stunning video of Leon being rotated on a stool by Yukari whilst singing "We Have All The Time In the World". Simply magical. It's a DivX AVI, about 1.2Mb, you might be better off right clicking and doing "SaveTarget As...".

Ok, once you've recovered from that, here's the pictures:

21:08:34 Chie and me went as ineffectaul henchmen. I'm not sure many people really got it.

21:49:45 Leon and Stuart as Mr Thingy and Mr. Wotsit.

21:50:53 Gav, with tremendous eyebrows.

21:56:46 Leon explaining the variety of adhesives used in assembling his costume...

21:56:53 ... and demonstrating that his powers of nasal suction have not dwained over the years.

21:57:38 A mildly disturbing picture. Yukari (nik-nak) and Mr. Wotsit.

22:00:02 Yukari giving one of the boiler suits a quick go. They are surprisingly comfortable.

22:04:08 Leon, being shot to pieces, Matrix style.

22:04:14 Me filling Leon with hot lead in the most impassive style I can manage.

22:42:25 Taken from the stairs - seemingly very foggy! Probably a focus issue.

22:46:52 Me, coughing up my liver after being sprayed with punch by this rather excessive looking water rifle thingy.

22:46:59 Yukari seemingly enjoying the spray treatment more than I did.

22:50:39 A Leon and Yukari picture, in which neither of them are really visible.

22:50:51 The same again, but a bit better executed.

23:03:52 A pleasingly unique picture. Never before have I found myself looking so much like a disgruntled communist.

23:05:25 The back of Leon's increasingly cone-headed hair piece.

23:05:43 Gav seems to have gained a wig from somewhere...

23:05:48 Chie following in the communist ilk, with an orange cup instead of a red book.

23:08:19 Leon doing some olympic standard leg rubbing.

23:14:13 Gav and Leon.

23:14:25 Dancing seems to be occurring.

23:14:39 ...and more.

23:15:28 Leon and Gav seem to be really getting into it here, whereas I appear to be considering the benefits of getting a conservatory.

23:15:34 Odd composition there.

23:15:44 Gav, looking a bit lairy.

23:16:00 My thought processes are so transparent - you can clearly see me already plotting to place this hat on Gav's head.

23:16:07 Gav's hand...?

23:16:13 Still I seem to be totally occuppied with the mission to pointlessly stick this hat on Gav's head.

23:16:20 It really wasn't going to be so difficult after all...

23:16:26 ...but I can't help but wonder if the end result was worth all that planning. What a strange man I must be.

23:17:13 Yukari seemed quite willing to don the hat, and even threw a silly facial expression into the bargain.

23:18:07 Gav checking the ceiling.

23:18:21 Chie finding something or other very funny.

23:18:58 Leon starting to look a bit lewd.

23:19:14 Gav is on the floor already then.

23:19:20 The less said about this picture, the better.

23:19:26 Leon really going for it.

23:19:36 I seem to be thoroughly immobolised with laughter, probably caused by the fantastic floorshow, to which the pictures don't really do justice.

23:19:44 Gav on the floor... again.

23:22:30 A challenge is made for Gav's wig...

23:26:53 ...but clearly he manages to retain it. Nice belly action there Leon.

23:27:04 More of the same.

23:27:11 I'm still convinced the world is not ready for my unique dance style.

23:27:20 Gav running on just the one eyebrow now.

23:27:26 Yukari, looking so excited she's made the camera go out of focus.

23:27:38 ...more of the same...

23:28:49 ...and more.

23:36:42 Very pleasing shot of a foaming can of Foster's. Nice.

23:44:24 Gav bizarrely being rotated, and not for the only time during the course of the evening.

00:00:57 An industrial strength cussing from Gav there.

00:01:07 ...more and more of the same.

00:01:18 This looks slightly suspicious then...

00:01:48 Gav being reminded to keep dancing, or he'll pay.

00:02:21 Number 78: Leon's Arse.

00:08:49 What may look at first glance to be a nasty spillage, turns out to be Leon face down on the floor.

00:08:58 The ability to stand on two legs took apes millions of years to develope. Leon seems to be repeating this process for our entertainment this very evening.

00:09:19 A beer splattered Leon finally staggers to his feet.

00:09:56 It's important to have at least one resident sniper at any event of this caliber.

00:11:51 An amount of bare flesh, making the now slightly repetitive nature of these last few pictures slightly more tolerable.

00:16:25 Gav being rotated again.

00:21:03 Chie, not sure she can cope with it any more.

00:22:47 Quite spectacular this one.

00:25:28 There seems to have been a marshmallow in the toilet here. Having originated in a particularly violent punch, it doesn't take a forensic scientist to work out how it got there.

00:25:54 On return from the toilet, I was tragically gunned down on the stairs.

00:32:36 Gav, still being rotated. He seems to have enlisted a small army of helpers to achieve this end. Well done sir.

00:40:21 Leon looking a bit exhausted. Or is that his sexually excited expression? Hard to tell, and I'm not prepared to expend a great deal of thought on the subject.

00:45:49 It's important at any party to have someone dangerously blocking the stairs at all times. Here's Leon and Yukari dutifully doing their stint.

00:50:59 Clearly a lot of singing going on here, as Chie is enlisted to help rotate Gav a bit more.

00:54:07 The back room is filling up a bit now.

00:54:47 Spectacular picture of Gav, who has temporarily given up his rotation hobby to becoming a gun toting lunatic, and the other John (AKA Austin Powers).

00:57:11 A group picture, which I clearly didn't manage to get straight on. Alcohol may have been impairing my ability to work photographic miracles by this stage in the proceedings.

01:00:24 Chie and Yukari.

01:02:56 Leon, poking his unsettlingly two-tone head into shot.

01:03:16 Not sure what's occurring here, and I think I'd rather not find out.

01:38:53 Gav wasn't keen to let go of the gun.

01:39:17 Leon, de-wigged, starting to look a bit worse for wear.

01:43:43 Chie and Yukari, sitting on chairs with differing heights.

01:45:18 Last picture of the evening, Stuart talking to a pair of legs.