John, Gav, etc inLondon

Right then, here's the pictures from a random night out in the centre of London on Saturday November 25th 2000, in celebration of Tony's birthday. Nope I had never met Tony before, but he's friends with Gav who happened to be in London at the time. It was the first time me and Gav had partook of boozy antics without Leon there, so there was a twinge of sadness, but we were sure he was there with us in spirit. (No he's not dead or anything! He's just gone to Japan.) Coincidentally, and perhaps unusually, there were also a few Japanese people joining us this evening.

17:55:13: Here we are in The Social on Little Portland Street. Gav is demonstrating his love for guinness.

18:05:18: OK so the guy smiling here is Tony, and its his birthday.

18:07:18: Whilst on the other table we have Tomochan (with her back to us), Chie and Aki.

18:31:55: ...Actually Tomochan informed us she wants to be called Nathan from now on. You can also just about see Toshi in this picture.

18:47:34: Here I'm wearing Tomochan's glasses. They don't suit me!

18:49:12: The evening's Japanese turn out in its entirety.

18:51:41: Well it had to be done, the obligatory white substance around Gav's mouth shot.

18:52:29: ...I thought I'd give it a go too this time.

19:16:10: Aki looks like she's being assaulted by an invisible monster here. She had previously informed me she was quite huroyoyoi already, so this is not entirely implausible.

19:23:24: Gav (being daft) and James, smashing bloke who didn't seem to get in many of these pictures.

19:24:18: Gav filling in for Leon's shenanigans (?) in his absence.

19:34:17: My moderately standard what's all this then look.

19:34:25: Messrs Hawkins and Clark, at your service.

19:36:23: Tony, a man of many faces.

19:37:33: Gav kindly took this picture for me on the pretense that it would help me remember where I'd been the following day. Secretly I think he has shares in the place and this was just a bit of free advertising.

19:40:23: Cowering behind a pint of Guinness, not unusually.

19:42:54: Gav had begun beermat flipping, but I don't think he actually managed to catch this one in his mouth.

19:43:32: You cheeky monkey you.

19:45:43: This was meant to be a dramatic action shot mid-flip.

19:56:10: Toshi no etoko mitae, mitae, mitae...

19:59:43: A bit too dark to see! But this is just outside The Social, at which point Tomochan, Toshi and Aki left us.

20:18:53: Here we are in Burger King! What great lighting they have in there. Good opporunity to have a play about with all the settings on my new camera.

20:24:50: Errr, so this is Burger King again, but with a different light setting.

20:24:57: This actually looks somewhat nicer than it was.

20:27:34: Chie struggling to get into shot here.

20:44:31: Ok so next bar now, Point 101, can't remember where it was, in fact not totally sure that was the right name. Chie and Gav here bonding my demonstrating their mutual admiration for Bruce Forsythe.

20:47:03: Whatever Gav just had, order me a double please.

20:47:31: See no evil, errrr, suck no evil?

20:49:52: Aha! A mightily successful self-timer picture.

21:06:28: Gav tries to explain Man! Horse! (don't ask) to Chie...

21:06:38: Between them they manage something like Horse!

21:10:35: This could look bad. Correction, it does look bad.

21:13:29: Gav wondering whose idea it was to put that big barrier there.

21:14:29: We subjected John to 15 hours of gamma radiation and this was the result.

21:14:39: Can't remember these guys' names, but the angle is quite good anyway.

21:27:17: Gav starting on the wanting to take pictures of beer phase.

21:27:37: Yep, that definitely is beer.

21:31:11: Aha! The origami swan. Errr, and it needed a drink. Perhaps.

21:31:35: The swan getting somewhat more pro-active in its beer drinking pursuits.

21:32:34: lets have that again but in focus. Thanks.

21:39:43: Funny how this girl remained in focus when all around wasn't. Erm, she is basically irrelevant though.

21:39:54: ...and here she is again...

21:43:30: Fantastic, a Gav Clark classic.

21:47:05: Not quite sure what this was all about.

21:54:32: Now if I'm not mistaken, isn't this Suggs out of Madness?

21:56:06: Chie laughing at nothing in particular.

22:02:04: Errr... not a lot of point to this one, sorry.

22:23:37: Mmmmmm orange drink.

22:24:07: Looks like I wasn't too keen on that one then.

22:24:33: You would not BELIEVE what's going on back there...

22:24:36: A textbook Horse!

22:26:11: Chie in full alcoholic mode, still hasn't detached her mouth from that straw.

22:26:56: For some reason, monkeys come to mind at this point.

22:28:27: Here's old Suggsy again.

22:29:02: This is the guy that put the swan on our table, and he wasn't too pleased to return to find it having drowned in Staropramen.

22:34:44: Yep, so they're empty then.

22:35:07: And here's that in slow motion...(?!)

22:42:32: Oh no, here comes something vodka-ish.

22:51:31: I think thats my head in the way there.

22:52:16: Strange guy sitting outside the window on a strange blue thing.

22:53:30: Chie in a beery heaven...

22:54:25: Where is Leon at a time like this?

22:54:30: Nice one Clark.

22:54:39: Yea, err, don't give up the day job.

22:56:46: Gav doing a fairly thin-on-the-ground squid impression.

23:00:23: So apparently the strange bloke has mates, but still not got any idea what the blue thing is. Answers on a postcard...?

23:01:14: Hmmmm... Err...

23:07:11: Messing about with the lighting settings on the camera...

23:08:59: Could maybe do with a tripod for these kind of shots...

23:14:03: Here's me outside, with some weird lighting effects, pretending to be the guy from earlier.

23:14:58: I don't look too well...!

23:23:44: ...and in fact I had a bit of a stomach ache. Errr, here's my stomach to prove it.

23:37:48: Hmmm this is us just before going into The Wag I think, where I neglected to take any more pictures. Errrr, kind of regretting messing about with those camera setting so much now! Strange picture to end on but there you go...!