Fez and Firkin

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A few pictures taken whilst having a few drinks outside the Fez and Firkin on Thursday 9th May 2002.

22:08:42 Look, it's me and Sam!

22:09:59 Mark and Nicoletta, looking very jolly.

22:11:52 Mark had taken over the camera here, and had clearly engaged Anna stalking mode.

22:12:02 Presumably Mark did this to wind her up...

22:12:16 A crafty one here.

22:12:29 I think she's on to you, Mark.

22:12:55 Don't know who this is.

22:13:28 This here is Pinrad, but I don't know the bloke's name.

22:57:43 A bit dark, but you can just about make out Meryem on the left, and Cedric on the right.

22:58:28 Our table, Mark, Mr. Werry and Nicoletta.