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Saturday 10th April 2004. A day trip to Dublin with Chie, Dad and Janie.

12:48:14 Upon arrival, we decided to make it our first priority to find lunch. I can't remember the name of this place, but it was a kind of cafe bar place, with a very continental feel, somewhere in the Temple Bar district.

12:48:36 Me, tucking into my lunch. It was something like grilled aubergine with tomatoes, feta and spinach on ciabiatta. Actually very nice. Of course, this had to be washed down with Guinness. Strangely, this was probably the nicest Guinness I had all day - really smooth, almost milky.

14:47:42 After lunch we split up, Dad and Janie went off somewhere else, and me and Chie had a disorganised wander around the city. After a while, I decided I was determined to visit a "real" Irish pub, so we popped into this very unassuming place.

14:47:47 I believe it was called the Palace Bar - managed to get a picture of the exterior much later on in the day.

14:47:52 This is the kind of lovely old wooden pub I try to hard to find in England... Unfortunately they seem to have become something of a dying breed over there, but in Ireland there are still plenty to be found.

14:47:57 Very nice skylight too.

15:06:33 A little while later, and I thought I'd get a quck picture of Chie beside the river.

16:47:52 It seemed mandatory that as part of our visit to Dublin we would have to visit the Guinnes Storehouse...

16:48:15 ...I'm not sure I was that bothered about the exhibition part to be honest...

16:49:21 ...lots of strange lighting effects and so on.

16:53:17 Hmm, a little odd.

16:53:50 Chie says she really likes this picture.

16:54:29 This is quite nice too.

17:13:26 Lots of escalators everywhere.

17:22:59 Of course the best bit about the Guinnes Storehouse is the bar at the top.

17:23:12 ...which had great views over Dublin. Very hard to capture on camera though seemingly...!

17:23:21 More views from the bar.

17:25:20 ...and again. I think this must be looking out over part of the modern bits of the brewery.

17:29:22 On the floor below the observation room, where there was a bit more space to sit and enjoy our complimentary Guinesses.

17:30:10 The lighting is a bit better here.

17:59:25 You can just about see Dad in this lift.

18:40:31 After leaving the Guinnes Storehouse, we had a wander around the city centre again, as my Dad wanted to find a pub with music in. On our way, we passed the Palace Bar again, the pub me and Chie had been to earlier. Note all the people standing outside to smoke, as Ireland had of course just passed the new anti-smoking law. Everyone in Dublin seemed to be talking about it when we were there.

18:54:32 Inside The Oliver St. John Gogarty. A little bit touristy for our liking, but still, it did fill the criteria of a pub with music.

19:27:57 The outside of the Oliver St. John Gogarty. There is something about actually writing the word "Traditional" on the outside of a pub which gives you a feeling that it actually isn't.

19:33:58 Hungry, but getting short of time, we decided to get take away for dinner, from the very cosmpolitan "rasher byrnes".

19:46:30 Here we are eating our assorted pies, pasties, samosas and so on from rasher byrnes by the side of the river. Not the "Beads and Crystals" shop in the background. I think me and Chie had been in there earlier in the day.

19:46:42 A view of the river from where we sat to eat our dinner...

19:46:50 ...and another one in the opposite direction.

19:47:11 Not sure if this was a samosa or a vegetable pasty now...

19:47:18 Actually more likely a samosa - I think I recall taking the past home with me.

20:14:21 A little later on, and here we were on the ferry.

20:14:34 Me and Chie with the docks in the background.

20:14:58 Errr... boats and cargo containers and thinks.

20:16:13 I wanted to get the Irish Ferries logo in this one.

20:19:21 Strange picture where I was trying to make it look like Chie was holding these two towers.

22:49:56 ...and finally, here's Dad asleep!