An Evening in my Dining Room

Pictures from an evening (Friday 28th September 2002) with my friends Simon and Kevin, oddly spent sitting in my dining room drinking beer. I guess these won't be of any real interest to anyone other than the three of us, but that sort of thing never stopped me putting pictures on the web before!

12:59:45 Taken at lunchtime, after I made David okonomiyaki, so not particularly relevant.

21:25:59 Must be a short while after we ate dinner. Although it's only nine thirty, we'd already got through a fair amount of booze. I should have probably left the bottle of sake and sho-chu we drank on the table as evidence!

21:26:24 What pleasing lighting here. From this angle, my dining room almost looks tidy.

21:31:50 The empties are accumulating. Lime with Beck's is perhaps a bit unconventional, but was surprisingly nice. My local off licence was out of Sol or anything even vaguely Mexican.

21:42:49 Simon, I guess he's watching the AVS thingy you get with Winamp, or alternatively it might be some of The League of Gentlemen.

22:36:41 Kevin looking pretty much insane with a bit of lime in his mouth.

22:36:56 Simon looking rascally drunk, with a bit of lime, on my exceedingly unattractive armchairs.

22:37:15 Me looking surprisingly bland and sober. I'm pretty sure I was fairly well trousered by this point.

22:37:20 A sneaky one of me I guess.

22:37:38 Kevin managing to hide quite effectively behind a herd of empties.

22:38:07 I had a cold, and a bitch of a runny nose, so blew my nose on the first thing that came to hand.

22:43:23 What a curiouis angle.

22:52:48 Simon not comfortable at the prospect of letting go of his beer.

22:52:55 Very moody. I kind of like the reflection of the other lamp shade in the mirror here.

22:53:01 A rather blatant advert for Beck's. Well, not my absolute favourite beer, but it's not bad, and it was on special offer. You can't argue with 14 quid for 24 bottles.

00:17:18 Something of a recurring themes seems to be developing. Note the reflection of AVS in the mirror.

00:17:24 Judging by the angle I may have been part way through an intricate falling over operation here.

00:18:24 Well it looks like the beer has almost ran out then. Out comes the whisky. Probably another blatant advert really, but Laphroaig really deserves it - in my opinion the best whisky there is.

00:20:37 It has come to my attention that my bottle is considerably bigger than yours.

00:21:18 Kevin looking a bit like his neck is broken. I don't look nearly as drunk as I actually was by this point.

00:21:35 Bizarre change in lighting. Note the weather house in the background.

00:29:52 Ahhh Star Wars Lego. I probably should have left it in the box!

00:32:42 How many software engineers does it take to build a lego space ship?

00:33:19 Simon and Kevin trying to work out how to put two bits of lego together, which more or less consumed an hour of the evening.

00:35:25 Hmmm let's try that again from a crap angle.

00:44:06 Bizarre introduction of a Maglite here, for no good reason. I seem to recall having broken the bulb on this at some point.

00:45:59 I'm clearly more of an old Star Wars films fan.

00:49:23 They've been at it twenty minutes now. Not a great deal of progress made.

00:50:33 Interestingly, the box says this model is suitable for ages 7 to 12.

00:50:50 Looks like it's finished then. Wondefully aggressive face from Kevin here!

01:49:24 Simon obscured by a shining bottle of Laphroaig.

01:49:37 Kevin looking very relaxed in a fairly uncomfortable wooden dining chair.

02:08:52 I guess it must be time to stop then, what with it being two in the morning and everything...

Video Clips

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00:24:42 Simon teaching Kevin how to drum. [00:41, 1.6Mb]

00:35:52 Two intelligent adults seemingly incapable of putting together a Lego model. [01:31, 3.5Mb]