David and Cheryl's Engagement and Fireworks Party

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Saturday 8th November 2003. David and Cheryl's engagement party, which was conveniently held in conjunction with their annual fireworks party.

21:56:46 Here's Chie, Kevin and Mike in what everybody's now calling the kitchen.

21:58:03 Chie in a worringly maniacal self portrait.

21:58:18 I like the contrast here between smiley and accomodating (Kevin and Mike) and wielding a knife (me).

21:58:25 A shot of Chie from up on high.

21:59:02 Me looking like I'm about to take the camera back.

21:59:07 Mike looking very aloof.

21:59:13 Kevin does a good impression of Pob, and I can't bear to not be in the shot.

21:59:19 What an interesting landscape. Erm.

22:00:26 (Insert your own Ray Winstone style gangster spiel here)

22:02:56 The fun of dangerous knives never seems to run out.

22:04:14 David, Simon and Richard putting together a small, but highly focused, band of angry yokels.

22:04:40 Scientists in the 1950s could never have predicted quite how difficult it would be to get a picture of Vanessa threatening me with a brush.

22:04:53 I think this was a failed attempt at the Vanessa/Brush scenario, but still, let's take a moment to appreciate those paving slabs.

22:05:04 Got there in the end, and I'm rather pleased with it.

22:05:54 There was far more fun to be had with assorted garden utensils. This time as an added bonus it looks slightly suspicious as well.

22:06:06 This obviously made complete sense to me at the time, however looking back now I really haven't the faintest clue what's going on.

22:06:42 Chie, as a low budget Harry Potter.

22:07:29 Chie spent the evening stealing Kevin's clothes. So far she's just got his scarf, it seems.

22:10:00 Apparently Vanessa's first ever sparkler. That's what they all say.

22:10:33 General sparkler activity is occurring - I think that's Rosie's shoulder there.

22:10:38 Don't come near me - I've got a sparkler and I'm not afraid to use it!

22:10:45 I think this was around the time I asked if these things were poisonous.

22:10:55 It's almost gone out by the looks of things.

22:11:05 Rosie and Bazza enjoying their sparklers.

22:11:14 I'm hoping this smoke isn't entirely generated by the cigarette in Mike's hand here.

22:11:24 Mike, doing his stunned rabbit impression.

22:11:36 Chie getting stuck into some red wine.

22:11:44 Yet more fun with sparklers...

22:11:53 It's very hard to resist taking pictures of these things...

22:12:25 Here's a sparkler, unusually stuck in the grass.

22:12:40 Without the flash.

22:12:55 The annual meeting of the Reading Sparkler Appreciation Society.

22:46:00 Not really sure.

22:49:56 Barry, believing he can fly I presume.

22:52:34 A touching picture of me and Barry.

22:52:54 Barry was quite suprised I could actually pick him up, if I recall correctly.

22:53:07 Strange feeling of perspective here.

22:53:14 Kevin and Mike, getting a bit tasty.

22:55:04 Mike also seems to be labouring under the misapprehension that he can fly. Perhaps it was all that chemically smoke from those fireworks.

22:57:34 I think this is meant to be a bout of back yard wrestling.

22:57:57 Tossing the caber doesn't traditionally form part of the Bonfire night celebrations...

22:58:04 It's meant to look like it's become stuck in my eye, I believe. A reference to the series of pictures with forks in my eye I used to take. Errr, well perhaps you had to be there.

22:58:23 Me and that fence post formed a very special relationship.

22:58:33 Mike, pensive.

23:11:22 Looks like we've succumb to the cold and wisely moved inside.

23:13:38 A jolly nice buffet was laid on by David and co.

23:15:01 More wine required, it seems.

23:53:26 Me Chie and Kevin were getting the train back, so here we are at the station. I think this is probably me trying to prove I had definitely bought a ticket.

23:56:44 A blurry picture of me and Kevin, presenting the information screen, as though it were a prize on a daytime quiz show.

23:56:51 Perhaps slightly too close to Kevin here.

23:56:56 What strange colours people's skin seems to take on at this distance, with the flash and everything.

23:57:03 A rather frightening picture of Chie to end on.