16:03:28 This here is David putting out a flaming apron with a hose pipe (obviously).

17:18:21 The perils of engaging in group conversation when only three feet high.

17:18:39 Simon part way through rehearsing for an imaginary interview with Pork Farms.

17:19:29 This vague admiring gaze makes me uncomfortable.

17:20:29 If "quiffiness" is a real word, it might justifiably be used in a descriptive of me at this point.

17:21:58 Simon seems so at home in a deck chair.

17:22:10 Here's Baz, and look, he's with stupid.

17:23:46 How not to take a picture of a dog.

17:25:01 A picture of people all looking at something probably more interesting than this picture. No detriment to the subjects of course!

17:25:29 Here's David!

17:44:27 Here begins the seemingly endless saga of painfully cute puppy dog photos.

17:44:37 Amazing how you can lip read someone in a still image... Josie here is almost certainly ahhhhhing, whatever the verb for that is.

17:45:09 Whilst affection from humans is all well and good, Mr. Puppy can't help but forget he is a mere three yards away from an entire spit roasted pig.

17:45:21 Yes, yes, yes, and at what point does the pork come into it?

17:46:02 Yet more canine attendees.

17:49:24 The girls here oddly entertained by the positioning of the hole in the previously burnt apron.

17:49:28 Being but a simple soul myself, I can't possibly imagine what all the merriment is about here.

17:49:32 Hmmmm...

17:49:38 David looks on with pure bemusement.

17:51:04 More puppy dogs.

18:05:27 The first picture containing more than half of Scott. (well, he's a big lad...) Also commendable for David's cheeky grin.

18:26:37 A picture of Simon, almost certainly taken by a photographer far too lazy to stand up.

18:37:57 David's Dad with the pig. I couldn't help but maintain a morbid fascination with this unfortunate animal...

18:39:48 All puns about baps being brought out are strictly banned.

18:40:05 Either a terribly badly composed picture, or an award winning shot of someone who was unfortunately entirely transparent.

18:41:58 I actually thought I looked quite good in David's sunglasses here.

18:42:08 Although I clearly look quite muppety in this one.

19:15:38 Simon and Vanessa having a minor domestic brought about by cheese theft. (One of the lesser known causes of divorce in this country).

19:18:38 Look! Puppies!

19:23:20 Stuart, mid roll consumption.

19:23:27 Is there any chance anyone would believe the shutter release just went off by accident at this point? Or will I just have to accept having taken another terribly composed picture. Interestingly though, Vanessa on the right hand side may well still be seething with contempt over the earlier loss of feta.

19:32:30 Here's Cheryl, and a small amount of her friend (who I'm fairly sure is called Meg) in the corner. Also David and Andy in the background, both looking very philosophical.

19:33:54 It's always good to take a picture like this to reassure yourself there are no snipers in the trees or anything.

19:34:59 David is made to suffer for crimes he quite possibly didn't commit.

19:50:33 I may (having had a bit to drink by now) have dug myself into a hole trying simply to tell the charming lady on the right hand side here she had a nice top, although I struggle now to recall exactly what I said.

19:53:13 The laughter here could well be at my expense. (See previous picture).

20:28:51 We seemed to have moved to the upper end of the garden here.

20:32:35 Following an upsetting incident as a child, I personally have never trusted this type of deck chair, and so steered well clear of them.

20:35:09 Not sure what Simon was embarassed and/or amused by here.

20:43:01 Nice though Vanessa's feet are, I have no idea what warranted a picture of them.

21:29:41 I wandered off to buy cigars in the interval between this and the previous picture. Having thought I'd be smoking alone, I was pleasantly surprised by the uptake.

21:30:10 Possibly the campest (most camp? camperest? most campestest?) cigar holding technique I've ever employed.

21:31:39 Josie in a classic Woman with cigar shot. Great.

21:32:05 Better still, two women with cigars. (Although one appears to be imaginary)

21:33:27 Nice to see that being a grown-up doesn't necessarily have to mean an end to pyromania.

21:34:12 This may have been an attempt to redo the previous picture without the flash. I'd probably had a couple too many at this point to intelligently manipulate the settings on my camera.

21:39:44 Vanessa assisting Josie to open a bottle of champagne.

21:39:56 I can't help but be reminded of an LL CoolJ video.

21:54:09 Onlookers watch the cork fly over the neighbour's garden.

21:54:56 Look! The famous Mr Sam Hill. David here probably getting tired at the thought of having to be in Denver in an obscenely short amount of time.

21:55:19 Whether or not there was a connection between Vanessa wearing a hat and sitting on Scott here I really struggle to remember.

22:10:03 Simon appears to have seized the hat (but seemingly isn't sitting on Scott).

22:21:59 Ladies and Gentlemen, Messrs S. Hill and D. Symons!

22:23:34 Here begins a rather sad obsession I had with trying to get a picture of the disco ball thingy...

22:24:35 ...dreary...

22:25:02 ...although this effect is quite odd...

22:25:33 ...hmmmm....

22:26:12 ...interestingly this may well have been an accurate representation of my eyesight at this point.

22:27:17 Assorted scavengers come to raid the pudding tent.

22:28:04 Ever obsessed as I am with Douglas Adams' superb Meaning of Liff, I'm reminded at this point of Nutbourne (the unpopular one from a choice of two or more puddings).

23:12:03 Oddly looks a bit like an album cover or tour poster (conveniently including a large black space in which to put tour dates or a track listing). Alternatively, a quite staggeringly badly composed picture.

23:12:18 Bizarrely, this picture makes me consider for the first time the possibility that David and Cheryl might be secret agents.

23:48:38 Vanessa and Simon asleep. It may have been around this time that I (allegedly) told Scott I thought they were boring, which they heard, and reminded me of the next day. I'm still wracked with guilt.

23:51:07 Scott and Baz only increasing in their rascalliness (if that is a word, which I doubt), as the night goes on.

23:51:57 Seemingly the last picture of the evening - Sam, Meg and Cheryl, which must surely be the name of series of educational books for children. I think people started going to bed shortly after this. I suppose it had been quite a long day...